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Concert - November 24 2015 Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica Hotel Real Intercontinental 7:00 PM

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Translated by Google

"Jackie Evancho, the renowned singer fusion style (classical crossover), which once shocked the world with her spectacular voice in a talent show, will perform in Costa Rica for the fourth edition of Bac Special, on 24 November at 7pm .

The American will be accompanied by nothing less than the Philharmonic, so again BAC Special dresses for an unforgettable evening full of elegance and an intimate atmosphere, with all the amenities of the Hotel Real Intercontinental.

RPM TV, producer of the concert has also confirmed the Lyric Tenor Joaquín Yglesias as guest artist. Furthermore, this event leads to the opening of the Christmas season BAC San José.

Around 900 tickets will go on sale next Monday, October 27 through Servimás and authorized points.
Among the amenities offered at box office is the discount to those buying with "Red BAC" and rate 0 to three months.

Ticket prices *
Platinum: 93,000
Diamond: 110,000

Prices "The Red BAC" *
Platinum: 75,000
Diamond: 88,000

* More penalty.

About the artist:
The first presentation of Jackie Evancho on the NBC program called "America's Got Talent" left the audience and the judges impressed. The reason was that such a beautiful soprano voice came from a girl of only 10 years old. During his second appearance on the show judges asked Jackie improvise a song, which was in perfect shape.

But it was not only his musical talent and age which left the audience impressed, but also the presence of Jackie. Its elegance and charisma was what really made them pay special attention. One of the show's judges, Piers Morgan, said: "You are the whole package."
The young soprano from Pittsburgh, with a spectacular voice, was second in the program and this catapulted so he signed with the prestigious Columbia Records shortly after completing their participation in the program.

"She is a miracle and they break the rules by definition," wrote music critic Andrew acclaimed Duckenbrod the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, after seeing that 11 year old girl singing with a total llenazo in his hometown in October 2011.

In just over two years, the unique and beautiful voice of Jackie has won him millions of fans worldwide and their productions have dominated the music charts and DVDs. Now with 14 years Jackie has the support of legendary music producers like David Foster and filmmakers like Robert Redford. Billboard Magazine named Jackie to their list of the most influential artists under 21 years of age, and again it did in 2012 because the soprano "fantastic voice, and has a power level that often cause their listeners of all ages, tears of emotion. "

"O Holy Night", was released in November 2010 and became the best-selling album, with over a million copies sold and giving the artist a certified Platinum. In June 2011, Jackie released his first studio album, "Dream With Me", a mixture of operatic arts, songs and pop classics works. In his debut on the Billboard Top 200 hit number 2 and was certified Gold after only four weeks. "Heavenly Christmas" was released to the public in November 2011 and became one of the most successful Christmas productions this year.

Jackie attended the event where the national Christmas tree in the United States in Washington, DC where he sang and charmed the President of the United States, Barack Obama and his family lit. Two months later he was invited back to sing the President and leaders of the Legislature during the National Prayer Breakfast.

In 2012 Jackie was selected to travel to Russia to stand before 100,000 people in St. Petersburg Economic Forum. I representing the United States had the honor of singing with two operatic star Dmitri Hvorostovsky of Russia and Sumi Jo of Korea. His fans come to Japan, where she was invited to appear before the royal family of Japan at the Imperial Palace. He also sings regularly with the Tokyo Philharmonic totally sold scenarios.

His concerts in the United States have been filled and has recorded total for the channel as part of its PBS series "Great Performances". The first special of Jackie was the most donations came in the channel's history. When PBS aired the concert "Dream With Me In Concert" during the second half of 2011, it instantly became one of its most successful programs in years.
Ending a great year Jackie released her third studio album, "Songs from the silver screen" on 2 October 2012 The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Classical charts and at No. 7 on the Billboard Top List 200 Albums.

Jackie recently ventured into the world of acting and modeling. He made his debut in "The company you keep". Legendary producer / actor / director Robert Redford hired Jackie to perform the role of his daughter in this movie that came out in theaters in April 2013 "I'm so happy that Mr. Redford has chosen me for this film. I'm excited to learn from professionals who are the best at what they do, "said Jackie, as part of an all-star cast including Susan Sarandon, Shia LaBeouf, Anna Kendrick, Terrance Howard, Nick Nolte and Stanley Tucci.

Jackie was selected by the owner from GUESS, Paul Marciano, to star in two seasons of autumn clothes 2012 GUESS Kids. "I enjoyed all the travel and performance, as well as posing GUESS cute clothes, but singing is still my passion," Jackie said.

In March 2013 Jackie was part of the Cirque du Soleil extravaganza at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas called "O" as part of World Water Day, "One Night for One Drop". For the first time ever Cirque du Soleil all closed their doors to allow 200 artists could collaborate in this production. Jackie was the star of the show and participated in an act of water and air.

Jackie's new album "Awakening" was released on September 23, 2014 via Sony Music Masterworks and is now on his world tour. Costa Rica has the honor of being one of the countries of the tour. Additionally, Jackie has a special new "Awakening, live in concert" which will air in December 2014 as part of the "Great Performances" series on PBS.

Joaquin Yglesias

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3 Set List, Images and Videos on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:56 pm


Conductor: Marvin Araya
Orchestra: Orquesta Filarmonica de Costa Rica

Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica Hotel Real Intercontinental
      Ballroom Set List:
1.  Orchestra: Pirates Of The Caribbean
2.  Take Me There
3.  Made To Dream
4.  Memories
5.  The Impossible Dream
6.  Orchestra: Jurassic Park
7.  Your Love
8.  Je T'aime
9.  Lovers
10. Ave Maria
11. With Or Without You
12. Orchestra: Nutcracker
13. My Heart Will Go On
14. Say Something - Duet with Joaquin Iglesias
15. Ombre Mai Fu
16. Music Of The Night
17. Think Of Me
18. The Lords Prayer
19. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
20. Encore: O Mio Babbino Caro

A Jackie Costa Rica Selfie:

Audience Photo's:

Short video of Memories:

Short video of Ave Maria:

Short video of Ombre Mai Fu:

Short video of Think Of Me:

Video of duet with Jackie & Joaquin Iglesias:

4 Audience Reviews on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:05 am


A translated spanish review by Katherine R. Chaves posted by anaausfeld over on Proboards:

Jackie Evancho in Costa Rica: an angelic voice

11/26/2014 12:00 am By Katherine R. Chaves

Two screens on the sides of the main stage announced at 8:30 p. m. Monday, those who wanted to order food or drinks, had only five minutes to do so.

After that time, no eating nor drinking. All should turn their attention to the guest artist of the evening: American soprano Jackie Evancho, 14. She visited a country in Latin America for the first time.

With a dark blue dress gala, Jackie appeared and she stood at center of the stage in the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel. Behind her, the conductor Marvin Araya and the Philharmonic Orchestra. On screen could see sharp images of nature.

With a shy smile without saying a word, she took the microphone and sang "Take Me There". Her interpretation surprised all the spectators who paid tickets for ¢ 93,000 and ¢ 110,000 to listen her live. When she finished the song, the singer bowed to the public and, in a low voice, she thanked in her language: "Thank you (Gracias)".

While the musicians and Jackie were preparing for the next performance, a man sitting in the platinum area (farthest from the stage area), took the time to call to a woman, he put her on speaker so she it can be part of the show. "My love, what will she sing now?" Asked the female voice, unaware that to everyone around her was being listening.

"I don't know, let's hear, but speaks softly because I put you on speaker," the man whispered to his cell.

Those who were at his side, booed, but the moment in which Jackie's voice rang through the speakers again, to sing "Made to Dream", everyone forgot the claim. People moved their bodies side to side to the rhythm of the song; others captured the moment with the phone.

Before interpreting her third song, "Memories", Jackie thanked the public for supporting her. "Thank you very much I hope you enjoy the show, thank you for coming," she said. That was one of the few interactions that she had with the Ticos ("Tico" colloquial speech to designate Costa Rican people)

Thus, songs like "The Impossible Dream" and "Your Love" came to further raise the chemistry between Jackie and her audience.

However, one of the most immersive point was when she sang "Je t'aime". No one spoke, everyone stared at the stage. It was amazing that a girl of 14 years old sing like that. "What's wonderful voice!" Said one lady to another lady, with her hands to her mouth.

Thus, at 9 p. m., completed the first part of the concert.

Half an hour later, Jackie appeared with a cream gown with golden highlights. Her version of "Ave Maria" opened the box, revealing that the second segment of the presentation would be unbeatable.

She did not let the spectators will recover from such a wonderful interpretation. Immediately after she sang "My Heart Will Go On", by Celine Dion. On the screen behind her, a sea view, which made the audience feel traveling aboard a cruise, as happens in the movie Titanic by James Cameron (1997).

Some viewers were encouraged to imitate one of the most romantic moments between the protagonists of the film, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) when both go up to the railing of the ship's bow, extend their arms and receive wind in their faces. Yes, all mimicking were sitting in their chairs.

While they were enjoying themselves, Jackie reached down, took the water bottle, and took a sip and put it back on the floor. She was ready to continue the repertoire that she brought, a duet with the Costa Rican tenor Joaquín Yglesias. They sang together "Say Something".

The ended came from the hand of the magical interpretation that Jackie made of "Think of Me", a song from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber (1986). It was emotional for her, since this work awoke, six years ago, her love for the music.

"This is a very important song for me" Jackie said. That would be her second and last interaction with the public.

The audience, which had remained modest during the show, stood up and applauded. Nothing screams, just hear whispers that they were satisfied for the show.

Before Jackie Evancho out to sing for the first time to a Latin American audience, the pianist Pablo Esquivel, 15, and Costa Rican tenor Joaquín Yglesias were performed.

Esquivel came around 7:40 p. m. and in about 20 minutes, he played pieces by Frédéric Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven and Moritz Moszkowski. In concluding his presentation, appeared an elegant Walter Campos.

To entertain the audience, the host began interviewing Esquivel; however, a question made plain unknown of Campos on the subject. "This is the first time that you show in Costa Rica, which means for you?" asked the host, a quiet Esquivel replied: "No, I have performed many times in the country".

An aide described perfectly what fields might feel at the time: "He must be looking forward to swallow the earth for asking that question."

Overcome the embarrassing moment, Yglesias did the same on stage and with his voice and impeccable presence, conquered more than one. "He's very handsome, is talented, I like him," said a girl to her friend.

Little interaction, but so many talent. Jackie Evancho went through Costa Rica and left everyone in awe of her voice and her angelic image.
Translation by #JackieEvanchoFansHispanoamerica

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