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Mr Katanugin Would Love to Hear from You

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1 Mr Katanugin Would Love to Hear from You on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:09 am


Northeast of Moscow is the city Bezhetsk. Mr Igor Katanugin lives there. He adores Jackie, so much so that he wrote a twelve-page poem about her.

Naturally, being so remotely situated, Mr Katanugin does not meet a lot of other Jackie fans. He can barely afford to visit an internet cafe except infrequently, so there's no question of his joining the fan club.

He does pick up emails when he can, and he would be thrilled to have you write to him. He'll be sure to write back. 

Here is his contact info (ikatanugin@rambler.ruand a collage of photos of him, his mother, aunt Sima, and the beautiful Tver countryside.

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