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Concert - November 08 2013 Cupertino, California Flint Center 8:00 PM

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Tunanorth from Amazon Discussions #4

Concert goers starting to report in.

Back to the hotel following an amazing concert at Cupertino!!! I didn't think anything could possibly top my first Jackie concert nearly a year ago in Grand Prairie, but this one might have. I was so blown away! I don't know when my next Jackie show will be, but I can't wait. I loved when she didn't realize that she was supposed to go off the stage in the middle of her 2nd set, after the kids left the stage. While standing there and looking back, she finally realized it and giggled, waved at us, and hurried off the stage. It drew a lot of laughter. It was very charming. Plus, at the end of the concert, I got her to acknowledge me signing "I love you" (in sign language) to her. She pointed at me & smiled. I've given her that sign before at past concerts. It was also great getting to meet so many great fans before & during the show.

Here's another:

Wendell Rider (French Horn player)

17 minutes ago near San Jose, CA ·

Wow, just finished a very interesting and ultimately delightful gig backing up Jackie Evancho, the young singing sensation. If one were to close one's eyes and just listen, you would swear that you were listening to a full grown woman singing her songs. Seeing her backstage in her kids clothes with her family was just mind boggling. I don't know how old she is now and i'm not going to look it up. She is just plain great. Such a gift and she has worked hard to maximize it. I give it multiple thumbs up! t goes to show that when one is interpreting music that you can find the emotion without having had to live it. That is the absolutely wonderful thing about what we love so much. Where that comes from is the gift, the talent, but so many young children actually have this ability, and often it is broken or never nourished. The innocence of children is at another level of existence. She sounded better than anything I have seen posted of her on YouTube.

Admin Note: This Wendell Rider is no slouch: An accomplished French Horn player with an instructional book and DVD on Amazon: Also teaches French Horn: his website And, a world class photographer.
Not too shabby. And he got to perform for the incomparable Jackie Evancho.

And this from Ehkzu Artzu:

Admin Note: Ehkzu's Playlist Updated on 11/09/2013 at 1:00 PM EST

Went to see Jackie Evancho in concert Friday, November 8, Flint Center, Cupertino, CA.

This is my wife's & my recollection of the playlist. I'd appreciate anyone else who was there double checking this to make sure I've got everything listed--and if anyone knows what the orchestral interludes were, please lemme know.

1. Orchestral number: Cavellerea Rusticana
2. Pure Imagination - First few bars offstage (not recorded)
3. When you wish upon a star (not recorded)
4. Ombra mai fu (recorded--beginning missed)
5. Orchestral Interlude: Pirates of the Caribbean
6. To where you are (recorded with several interruptions)
7. Reflection (recorded)
8. The Lord's Prayer (recorded)
9. [intermission]
10. Lovers (recorded)(sans Asian instruments)
11. (brings kids on stage) My heart will go on (recorded)
12. Imaginer (ushers kids offstage after this) (recorded)
13. Orchestral Interlude (iffy rendition of Queen's magnum opus) - Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Se (recorded, first out of focus, then after interruption, in focus)
15. The Impossible Dream
16. Encore: Music of the night (recorded)

I recorded a fair amount of what Jackie said in between numbers--including the whole business with bringing kids up on stage.

There were no duets.

Two preliminary observations:
1. When she's singing she neither looks nor sounds like a child. That part of her life is so over. In her stage patter she sounds younger, however.

2. The only other time we saw Jackie was in Frisco & were in the balcony. This time, in the second row in the pit, was a radically different experience. From the second row I could see how a hyperfan might come to feel like he/she had a personal relationship with Jackie. You can see/hear every nuance of expression--and she's very expressive.

But of course she can't see you. This is a one-way relationship. But the human mind is not built to get that. If someone seems to be looking right in your eyes it FEELS like she's looking at you in particular.

And even if Jackie recognizes some of the regulars who show up at her meet & greets & inhabit those front two rows regularly...they still have 0.00001 of a relationship with her.

Jackie loves us as an aggregate--as a kind of amorphous metaperson out there beyond the stage lights, clapping in the dark for her. But that's about it.

That's also why I'd much prefer a Q&A session before the concert or after, with her sitting on the stage and answering questions from the fans who arrive early or stay after for it, then a M&G which just offers more illusion of acquaintance. In a Q&A instead of a M&G you wouldn't have that moment of shaking hands, getting photo with her yada yada--but you'd get to actually know her better, and she wouldn't get to know you any less than in a M&G.

Like all her fans I'd love to be a friend of the family and get to know all the Evanchos as people. But that will never happen for me or for 99.99% of all her fans, no matter how many M&G's we go to, or concerts we'll attend and sit in the front rows of.

Hope clouds observation. And I try to be warm hearted but cold headed. So that's my reality check on Jackie concerts.

Nevertheless, next time she comes to the Bay Area after she releases her next CD, we will be close to the stage (even though the acoustics are probably better a dozen rows back).
One more note--the Groupon deal got two of our closest friends to come. I've been working on them for three years with very little success. But seeing her live this time--even though they were far back in the orchestra section--in the rear quarter of the orchestra--Jackie worked her magic on them live in a way that all the clips I showed them didn't succeed in doing.

They absolutely would not have come but for the Groupon deal.
Therein lies a lesson, eh?

Another review by Ehkzu Artzu:

Ehkzu says:

Cupertino concert review

Review of Jackie Evancho's Cupertino California concert Nov. 8, 2013

Executive summary for Jackie's fans: If this concert is the template, the new series comprises songs from her CDs Songs from the Silver Screen and Dream with Me-nothing else, and no duets, either with another instrument or another singer. One new element has been added: Jackie selecting half a dozen or so kids from the audience to join her onstage, answer a question, and listen to her sing two songs. But wait, there's more: the other new element-and it's a doozy - is the singer.

Jackie is now a young lady. It's not a complete transformation. She talks younger than she sings. But when she's singing in her now-slimmer spaghetti-strap floor length gowns and high heels, and in her teenage voice that's a little weaker on top but even richer and more expressive down below, you can now see more clearly the woman she's rapidly becoming, both in her appearance and in her art.

If she's performing within a few hours' drive of you it's a no brainer: go. If it's farther, requiring an overnight stay and perhaps a flight...I'd go at least once during this new series that I'm guessing will go until her new CD drops. Especially if you've only seen Jackie the child perform.

I will add that seeing her live really is different, even if you've played her CDs and even her DVDs a thousand times. Moreover, seeing her live from good seats is even more different. The last time we saw her was from a balcony far, far away. This time we were in the second row center, for a lot more money. It was worth it.

I didn't do the meet & greet, so others must tell you about that. For my part what I'd like Team E to do is instead or in addition have a 15 minute Q&A from the stage before or after the concert, possibly answering written questions submitted at the start or emailed beforehand by attendees. This is done by many performers we've seen.

Jackie puts on a great show. It's a little rough around the edges, as a show featuring a 13 year old is bound to be (I wouldn't want it to seem all scripted/canned anyway). Some of the orchestral interludes are more successful than ot­hers. It costs more to see Jackie than any other live act we go to, and we've seen a lot of live acts, though mostly on the college circuit.

Nevertheless Jackie has a unique voice, even though she isn't yet doing unique songs. Just as you'll never be able to see Jackie the child again, once Jackie is finished growing and takes her adult form completely, you'll never be able to see Jackie the teen again either. And she is going to be an important, beloved performer for many years, as David Foster said and I concur. So I think you owe it to yourself to see her at least once at this moment in her life and career.

One other thing: the Groupon half price offer was what we needed to persuade two friends to join us at the concert. I've been playing them Jackie YouTube clips for three years to no avail. But they tell me now they get it-even though their seats were pretty far back on the main floor. You may have friends like this, so let me encourage you to encourage them to come see her live. Particularly if they still have young girls in the home-young boys too.

Note: this is the exec summary, focusing on the go/no go decision each of us must make. I'll have more to say later.

Admin Note: The above review was posted on Amazon by Ehkzu, and his blog, at, contains basically the same review, but with added comments and observations.

And another one:

By jrchico over on

 "OK. Here is my take on Jackie's first show this fall in CA. If she improves any more they will have to have ambulances standing by to take care of us older forks. She did start her concert by singing off stage before she made an appearance and it was almost haunting. From there it got even better. She seems to command the stage like a young goddess. Her blue eyes gleam as she looks over the audience including the people in the mezzanine and the balcony. The orchestra that accompanied her were also first rate. IMO they were much better than the orchestra at Smith Center in Las Vegas. The sound system was superb. When Jackie went into the higher registers i was fearful for the survival of my glasses :Dnot much of and exaggeration either. The children she brought on stage with her were to all appearances very happy to be there. Some were bashful and some were on the other end of the spectrum. The young boy she brought up seemed to be a little overwhelmed until his father came up on stage with him but who could blame him. I would be a little overwhelmed by Jackie too. One little Asian girl of about 5 was very outgoing and answered all of Jackie's questions in a loud clear voice. For someone so young and small, she was impressive. One of the other very young girls never could speak even after her grandmother came on stage to help her cope. Most of the time when she wasn't looking at the floor, she was staring at Jackie in awe. There were 3 older girls from i am guessing 9 to 12 who were really enjoying the opportunity to be on stage with Jackie. It was fun watching the kids and their reaction to Jackie as she sang MHWGO. IMO this was the best rendition that she has done to date of that song. Celine, eat your heart out. 8-)
I have to agree with other fans that seating should have been provided for the children. They were all dressed in their finest and the 2 older girls seemed to be worried about their modesty and showing too much while seated on the floor. I think it would be easy to bring in a couple of benches for them to sit on while Jackie is picking the lucky few to join her on stage.

When it was time for intermission, it seemed to take Jackie by surprise. She looked around at the orchestra and seemed to realize it was time for a break so she looked back at the audience, giggled, smiled, gave us her two handed wave and almost skipped off the stage. That was the first and only indication that Jackie was not yet a seasoned 21 year old veteran of the stage.

The second half of Jackie's show was as impressive as the first half. She nailed every song. Lovers was especially well done. That song seems to be tough to recreate on stage because of the instrumentals but the orchestra also nailed it. They almost recreated the sound track on the CD.

All in all it was the best concert i have ever been to and i have been to a lot of them."

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