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Appearance - November 09 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Conference Center 7:00 PM

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Public tickets available September 9, 2013
Confirmed by Jackie Tweet on 09/18/2013;

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Short Facebook clip of Jackie singing Pie Jesu:

The LDS stage:

Couple of fan pics

4 Fan Reviews on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:53 am


Admin Notes: One fans attendance estimate was 13,000 to 15,000 seats filled.

Jackie sang 5 songs at different intervals:
1. When You Wish Upon A Star
2. Pure Imagination
3. Lords Prayer
4. Pie Jesu
5. O Mio Babbino Caro

Plus, she sang "We Are Hope" in the finale with the full cast.

First Review:
By billh of
Salt Lake City, 9 Nov 2013, Muzart performance.

Jackie's performance was flawless and beautiful as usual. I wished after the finale Jackie would have had more time on stage, though she sang five songs, there was room for more, if Jack Wood and the promoters had spent less time over-emphasizing the importance of art in education they would have had a better response.

Before the music began the audience was subjected to a 15 minute (+|- a few) by several promoters and MC's about supporting the arts in schools So by the time performers and music began the message was clear and well stated, if not over stated.

Having said all that, this was for PBS and the program will be laced with fund raising drives, 800 numbers to call when this is released. So I understand the drive and constant infomercial style presentation. Though less in some cases is more.

The concept theme of the concert of art education and art resides in all kinds of mediums, illustrated with Humming vibration bowls, (new age melodic jars), electric violins, and CW performers, along with blues and rock. Of course it was a wonderful concert.

I like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I still enjoy their music. However with all the MC's in the US, couldn't they have passed on Wood as the MC for some one who knows how to MC? I admire his talent and ability to create some great music; it's unusual and great. But he's not a MC!

Lindsey Stirling playing Crystallize could have been a great addition to music art theme and more relevant than Jack Wood of the TSO.

My overall review, aside from having a bad MC, is **** of 5 stars.

Top performers IMHO was Jackie and Lexi. The other performers filled in the slack time, but these two young women would have carried the show by their talent alone. Lexi reminds me of Brenda Lee when she recorded Rockin around the Christmas tree, I believe she was 12 or 13 when it was released. Lexi has a great voice.

Don't compare them; they have a different voice and sound.

Jackie's voice is maturing and steady. Throat and muscle plus voice has made a difference in her singing. We enjoyed Jackie' s classic sound above all the other performers.

Jackie brought elegance and class to what I'd suggest would have been a mediocre concert otherwise. CW music can be indistinguishable at times; rock and blues can become, in the words of Roger Miller, "sameness." He remarked on Johnny Carson that CW sounded the same to him after two or three songs. The point I'm making is that Jackie made this concert more interesting and classic; that touch of elegance was sorely needed to make it interesting.

As I looked around the auditorium before intermission I noticed people were leaving after Jackie's second piece. At intermission there were a significant number of empty seats for the second half. A couple passing by me were disappointed Jackie wasn't singing more and some may have been put off by Jack Wood and his unique sound. Or maybe a new age humming bowl might have sent some scurrying home; yes it was an odd mix of sound and unique. However I think many people who left 1/2 way through the first quarter of the show wasn't hearing what they expected to hear. Some one mentioned getting *** punched because Jackie didn't get much stage time.

Make no mistake though, Jackie and Lexi made the show click and if they had had more stage time I'm certain the audience wouldn't have thinned so quickly. We were in level 11, toward the back, and people were leaving back to front. After Jack Wood performed his alternate sound a few people left during or right after. I believe there was some disappointment in frequency of Jackie's performance. A person and her family said if it wasn't for Jackie's name on the playbill half or less than half the audience would not have purchased tickets.

My wife and I enjoyed the concert but we didn't enjoy the lingering and persistent talkfest. It's for a great cause, I agree, and I support the arts. But a MC who isn't and using Jackie in such a limited capacity, they short changed their cause. They could have created a better themed drive with less MC and more Jackie.

We stayed to the finale and enjoyed varying talent and skills. We had a nice evening out and we didn't waste our time, but we also believe Jackie could have been the key note performer and better utilized.

I'm sure there were some legal constraints involved why Jackie didn't sing more, there always are in mixed performances like these, and might have limited her performances. Nonetheless more of Jackie would have made it much nicer and a better fund raising theme.

I appreciate art, all kinds of music, and I recognize talent and skill it takes to stand out from mediocre artists and this concert showed off unique skills and talent. Obviously some people don't recognize talent if they don't like the type of music or art. We are different and see art in different perspectives. That's life.

Here is a rule I live by, or try to, if I can't do it, then don't criticize those who can. I can't play a musical instrument and I'm not going to be critical of those who are leaning or doing. I didn't like all the musicians, but I honor them for their talent and skill.

This is my take on Salt Lake MuzArt concert. Wonderful and fun.

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