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Concert - November 15 2013 San Rafael, California Marin County Civic Center 8:00 PM

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These are all by Tunanorth over at Amazon:

San Rafael report:
Stupendous, amazing, magical, PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!

Good does not remotely cover it.
Disregard any reports of vocal issues due to whatever.
In point of fact, she is BETTER THAN THE EQUIPMENT.
Only high-end pro recording gear can capture her at this level.

Dresses and set list the same as last few gigs, but she did not bring any girls up on stage.
House was packed tight, except for a "block" of 100 seats that were empty, hopefully the scalper got burned.
Talked to the box office lady on the way out, and they thought with walk ups and will call they were sold out.
They were shocked to see the empty seats, and did not know the reason.

Demographic similar to other gigs I have attended.
First row, 95-percent male.
Second row, 75 percent male.
Third row, 50/50
Fourth row and back, overwhelmingly female, probably 70/30.
Ages skewed heavily over 50, but plenty of "little Jackies" in the mix.

She was very talkative on stage, with some giggles, but also a much more mature persona as well.
Only for the second encore could we coax a few 'double waves" out of her
Especially when she was "in the zone" for OMF, TLP, Lovers, Impossible Dream [dedicated to Lisa], she was simply in another universe.
Encores were OMBC and MOTN, she showed zero indications of fatigue..

Jackie seemed very serious about the due date of her next CD, and seemed like she was answering a specific question she has been getting a lot.
So, November 2014 it is.
She did not give a title.

Although she did not pull girls out of the audience, during the encore, a perfect "little Jackie" of maybe 4 or 5 years old brought a small bouquet up onstage, and Jackie was very attentive and grateful

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November 15, 2013 San Rafael, California Marin County Civic Center 8:00 PM

Orchestra: Marin Symphony
Conductor: John Mario di Costanzo

Set List
1.  Orchestral Number: Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana
2.  Pure Imagination (Started singing first few bars offstage)
3.  When You Wish Upon A Star
4.  Ombra Mai Fu
5.  Orchestral Number: Pirates of the Caribbean
6.  To Where You Are
7.  Reflection
8.  The Lords Prayer
9.  Intermission
10. Lovers
11. My Heart Will Go On
12. Imaginer
13. Orchestral Number w/John Mario on Piano: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
14: Se
15. The Impossible Dream
16. 1st Encore: O Mio Babbino Caro
17. 2nd Encore: The Music Of The Night

A fan review from Amazon:

magique says:
San Rafael Concert

I sat just ten or twelve feet from Jackie during this concert. I feel this helped me to notice things that wouldn't otherwise be seen at all, and I'll try to give a true and complete report of my experience.

I think it's fair to say that many Jackie concert-goers would just rather not hear the orchestral numbers at all. However, the Marin Symphony, conducted by John Mario di Costanzo, was a powerhouse. I didn't hear a single weak instrument or awkward passage. The concert began with Mascagni's much-loved Intermezzo to Cavalleria Rusticana; an especially strong interpretation of this piece of music.

Jackie began Pure Imagination offstage and entered singing, doing a lovely twirl soon after coming into view. She wore a blue chiffon dress with spangles on top. And the dress was indeed the color of her eyes. Her interpretation was strong, her tones rounded, her pitch excellent. And absolutely it was a surprise when, immediately following Pure Imagination, Jackie stated that her new CD would be out "this time next year." Some of us wondered if it was a joke.

When You Wish Upon A Star was---as was true of the whole concert---amazing, deeply-felt, irresistible. Her vocal attack was precise, her phrasing utterly correct. Somewhere in here I became aware that before me stood someone who, despite the powerhouse performing, was unusually vulnerable, and that mysteriously this made her more beautiful to the eye and more penetrating as a singer. During this first half, I certainly didn't see an adult performer. Even with her 4" heels, she was petite, with slender shoulders and rather willowy arms and legs.

Ombra Mai Fu was different (perhaps an "enhancement") in that before she began singing, she asked us all to close our eyes and remember a tree from childhood or some other special place.
And so many of us did close our eyes, at least for part of the number. At the end, she did a double wave and exited.

The Marin Orchestra then presented an astounding interpretation of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The dynamics were flawless, the sheer presence of the orchestra irresistible. It isn't even a particular favorite music to me, but I was still transfixed by the magic John Mario was directing.

When Jackie returned to the stage, she did a half twirl, and sang To Where You Are. I had the distinct feeling that Jackie was singing the number to someone she knew, or had known, well.
Some notes I kept, speak of an "elegiac" (mournful: expressing sorrow or regret) tone to the song, and when you consider that certain vulnerability, it made this number extremely forceful, even epic.

Then, as if to expand upon what she'd just presented, she introduced Reflection by speaking about "true courage," of "looking in the mirror when you are the same outside as inside." And she repeated how this took "courage." During part of the number, a brilliantly sung favorite of hers, she messed with her hair a little, as is her wont. After Reflection, she gave a double wave.

When the orchestra led into the next piece, The Lord's Prayer, it was initially very subdued and scaled back; even simple. Then it slowly, brilliantly crescendoed. I began to think of the number as tied to Reflection, and To Where You Are before that. Life for Jackie has, I think, of late become in some respects more complicated, and faith tied to courage is how she moves through her day. From my end, it all added up to an even greater beauty, the exterior Jackie radiating the interior one. And so all of these numbers seemed extremely personal, even intimate---and completely elevating.

After the intermission, Jackie entered with a grey sparkly dress with a black slightly spangled top. The padding of the dress and the way it was constructed made Jackie look somewhat older than the more simple blue chiffon dress. Not grown up, but mysteriously more filled out. The orchestra launched into Lovers as though it was the world premiere. What an orchestra! Jackie joined in and somehow the momentum and power grew greater and greater, until by the end half the audience was exhausted by the effort. And they rewarded Jackie and John Mario with a standing ovation.
Mind you, there were not many SO's beyond the front row, which I attribute to the somewhat jaded perspective of many wealthy Marin County people.

Especially with My Heart Will Go On, Jackie strolled from one end of the stage to the other. She did this during other parts of the concert; it was just more obvious here. As she sang, I thought of my musings on To Where You Are, Reflection, and The Lord's Prayer, and this phrase came to mind: "HER heart will go on!" In the midst of many changes, not the least of them adolescence, she will not only survive, but will prevail. It was entirely personal as Jackie stood there, so exposed before us, singing of the struggles of her own heart, yet inviting us to join her in her fierce persistence and truly sublime hope.

To introduce Imaginer, Jackie said "it is very important to have imagination....this song is dedicated to the power of imagination." There was a tenderness to Imaginer which built and built, with John Mario maneuvering the orchestra to bring that delicate but deep reality out, rather than bury it beneath the typical over-orchestration we're seen too much of. After this Jackie exited again.

John Mario began Queen's famous Bohemian Rhapsody with a startling command of his piano. There were no dropped notes, no missed phrases, no odd tempos. The dynamics were just phenomenal, all through the concert, but with this piece, John Mario as pianist shined bright, that light helping to illume the entire orchestra in a kind of controlled frenzy. Again, I feel that people who came to see only Jackie found it hard to ignore such a high level of pianism, orchestral power and majesty. Afterward, entering the stage again, Jackie with big eyes exclaimed, "That was awesome!"

In singing Se, which was in no way a weak effort, I felt that Jackie was getting a little tired. There was a little stress in her voice. Still, it was a superb effort and thoroughly appreciated, a performer and audience favorite.

As a preface to The Impossible Dream, Jackie said to the audience, "Thank you for coming. It was so much fun for me!" and then, to Lisa, "Thanks mom! I had a dream which seemed  impossible, but my mom helped make it true. The impossible dream!" If there were stressed moments in Se, they were now gone with a titanic, soaring version of The Impossible Dream.
What force! What control! Jackie shrugged girlishly at the end of the number, and blew kisses to the audience, smiling broadly, as she exited after the last regular song of the night. But the audience would have none of that.

Every person in the auditorium was on their feet, and every person was clapping loudly. Jackie came out with her first encoure, O Mio Babbino Caro, which was a complete revelation. I am telling you, dear readers, that if you think nothing more can be added to songs which Jackie has sung before so many times, you are dead wrong. Everywhere we wanted her to hold the note, she did, but then exceeded all expectations. The audience was absolutely quiet during the song, then erupted again in even wilder, louder applause as we expected Jackie to exit, but instead this tiny little girl with a modest bouquet of roses came on stage to give them to Jackie. Jackie crouched down, putting her hands on her tiny shoulders, giving the little girl big smiles and no doubt lavish words of affection. Only afterward did Jackie exit.

Several minutes passed, and finally Jackie came back on stage to sing The Music Of The Night. When Jackie sang this, there was almost no more that she could give. She had laid her(self) all out like a grand ethereal blanket upon the astonished audience. She hit all her notes in Music Of The Night (actually a bit of a risk these days), completely reveling in the dark Phantom song, somehow embodying fleeing and intense Lloyd-Webber passion. Jackie said "Night!" one last time, did some double waves, and as she headed for the curtains, clearly said, "I love you!" to the audience.

The house lights came on, and the packed hall exited slowly, many people more than a little dazed by what they had just witnessed.
I feel deeply privileged to have been there.

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