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Cancelled - November 17 2013 Fresno, California Saroyan Theater 7:30 PM

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This performance has been cancelled!

Ticket refund information:

A tweet from Jackie about the cancellation:

A post by the Admin over on
"The Fresno concert has been cancelled due to production reasons beyond Jackie's and her team's control. Refunds are being issued at the point of sale. There will be notification if the concert is rescheduled. I'm sure Jackie is very disappointed in the fact that this show had to be cancelled.

A critique by Donald Munro of The Fresno Bee:

A rant by TheKinginblack over at Amazon:

- Could be any number of reasons, I suspect its a combination of causes but mostly sales.
- Which raises the question; "Why did they book so many concerts in the same general area of California?"

(This next part will be a rant so scroll past this comment if you are not in to that sort of thing)

Cancellation explanation/apology (Larger picture):
- I have a question for everyone that has been bugging me for some time, I hope someone could enlighten me; "Why does it appear like the Es/Jackie are timid or even reluctant to build an online presence which cultivates fans and career development?"
- We can examine Connie Talbot, Lindsey Stirling, Velasquez sounds and hundreds of other Youtube icons. These people keep an active and direct connection with their fan bases. Even without strong foundations (AGT) these people have risen to online fame through savvy use of social media and interaction with fans. These people rake in views by the millions. (Lindsey Stirling was on the same season of AGT as Jackie. She was dropped early in the competition and was unheard of. At this point she is more widely known than Jackie, due almost entirely to her online activity. Her self-produced CD is still kicking ass on the chart)
- What happened to the 9 year old girl who rose to online popularity long before AGT? Where is that outreach, that aggressive expansion of home videos shown singing, and interacting with fans (Go Pittsburgh steelers!) . Why has Jackie seemed to shy away from these things now that she has built up a name upon that foundation?
- I recall back to the NPB video showing Jackie getting ready for her big day with famous people. At the beginning of the video I hear Lisa say "Sorry, I have to do this for the fans". Is that really the attitude to take with this? Doing these things disdainfully?
- Keeks, what a step. Open a profile on a site I had never heard of before Jackie tweeted it. Why use the backwoods version of Youtube when you could just use Youtube?
- Non-existent fan notification with regards to the main fansite, Facebook is just used as a bulletin board and Twitter is only recently making advancements. Really, it seems like the Es would benefit from Social Media courses which are currently being offered all over the country.

Sorry, that has been stewing for some time. I realize I don't have all the necessary information, we are just working with the bits an pieces that are pulled together by devoted fans. But, if your fans (TopShot) are willing to work so hard for you, can't you at least meet them half-way?

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