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Concert - November 21 2013 Thousand Oaks, California Fred Kavli Theater 7:30 PM

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Orchestra:  Thousand Oaks Philharmonic
Conductor: John Mario di Costanzo

Set List:
1.  Orchestral Number: Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana
2.  Pure Imagination (Started singing first few bars offstage)
3.  When You Wish Upon A Star
4.  Ombra Mai Fu
5.  Orchestral Number: Pirates of the Caribbean
6.  To Where You Are
7.  Reflection
8.  The Lords Prayer
9.  Intermission
10. Lovers
11. My Heart Will Go On
12. Imaginer
13. Orchestral Number w/John Mario on Piano: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
14: Se
15. The Impossible Dream
16. Encore: The Music Of The Night

A review by Anthony Au over at Amazon:

It's 10pm and I just got home from the Thousand Oaks concert. My wife and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time seeing and hearing Jackie sing tonight on my birthday. We met a couple from Canada, Ray and Kathy, sitting next to us in Row B, Orchestra, about 15 feet from the stage. This was their 4th concert and my 3rd.

John Mario and the Thousand Oaks orchestra were very good and started off with an overture that I couldn't identify They then segued into the introduction for Pure Imagination and Jackie sang the first couple of bars off stage before appearing from stage left with a twirl in her sequined blue evening dress. The TO acoustics were very good to my ear and Jackie sounded better than I recall from last year (Nokia and the Orpheum). Her voice has developed more power, finesse, and she has better enunciation. As others have noted, she has much less chin waggle.

The set before intermission included PI, WYWUAS, OMF, orchestral rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean, TWYA, Reflection and TLP. Jackie sounded great as always, reaching deep into each song and taking the audience along. There may have one or two notes that were slightly off, but I have crummy hearing.

After intermission Jackie began with Lovers in a black sequined gown. For the first bar or two she got a little ahead of the orchestra and drew out a note to let them catch up. The final verse was sung spot on and with authority. At this point she brought a few young girls, the winner of Thailand's Got Talent and her sister on stage for the next two songs, MHWGO and Imaginer. Her MHWGO sounded better to me than the CD. John Mario then took to the piano to lead into a nice rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, except for one point were a guitar came on with the volume initially set too high. Next were Se, Impossible Dream and one encore, MOTM, all near perfect.

I had a great time as did my wife. Seeing Jackie up close was just a superb experience. We were in the sweet spot acoustically. My better half is not a hard core fan but she did enjoy Jackie's performance. She wants to wait for new material before seeing Jackie again and I agree.

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Pure Imagination

When You Wish Upon A Star

Ombra Mai Fu

To Where You Are


The Lords Prayer

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The winner of Thailand's Got Talent Myra Molloy, Jackie, and Myra's sister

Jackie in Thousand Oaks - Credit: Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid
Jackie in Thousand Oaks - Credit: Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid

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