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Concert - November 30 2013 Portland, Oregon Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 7:30 PM

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just going to send my Christmas songs tonight. there are four. happy holidays!

do you know this one. I've been singing it since I was a little wee one lol

look up the snowman song on yt. really called walking in the air from a british holiday cartoon. sorry you

wanted to end the night on a high note with the song Believe

Thanks for the gorgeous flowers to the management at arlene schinitzer hall!

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Orchestra:  Oregon Symphony
Conductor: John Mario di Costanzo

Portland set list:
1. Orchestra - Nocturne
2. Lovers
3. When You Wish Upon A Star
4. Imaginer
5. Orchestra - Theme From Pirates Of The Caribbean
6. To Where You Are - John Mario Piano
7. Ombra Mai Fu
8. The Lords Prayer
9. Orchestra - Vince Guaraldi medley from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. O Mio Babbino Caro
12. The Music Of The Night
13. Orchestra - Bach's Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
14. White Christmas
15. O Holy Night
16. Encore 1: Walking in the Air
17. Encore 2: Believe 

A Review from Jackie Junkies:

Excellent review of Jackie Evancho `s Portland Concert by
Bonnie Anne Hudson Pinard

Some of you might be surprised to learn that despite the fact that I love the performing arts and am a singer myself, I have never been to a world class concert performed by a world class artist-until last night!

My 3 friends and I went last night to the amazing Jackie Evancho concert. From the first note the Portland Symphony played before she even came out on stage, I started wiping the tears! It's one thing to sit at home and listen to orchestral music, but it's quite a another to listen to a symphony orchestra live. Just the sound of those instruments moved me so much that by the time Jackie quietly stepped onto the stage, I was already emotionally invested.

As some of you know I started following Ms Evancho's career before she even had one, via youtube videos. I first discovered her video of a talent show performance of Wishing You Were Somehow Here again. She was around 7 or 8 years old at that time. I subscribed to her channel and would often visit over the next few years to see what she was up to.

Then in 2009 when she became a contestant on America's Got Talent, I never missed a performance, and like many other audience members, I was stunned and deeply moved by her historical performance of Pie Jesu.

Jackie was a a little girl when she competed on AGT and came in second, but last night as she walked out onto the stage, the little girl was gone and a young teenager stood there in a beautiful sparkling blue gown. Poised and fully engaged with the audience, Jackie was the consummate artist.

Any concerns I may have had about how she would transition vocally from a little girl into a young woman were assuaged by her stunning performance. She was relaxed and confident as she sang her way through a repertoire of tracks from her CDs and Christmas songs. She seemed in complete control over her instrument and although she is still growing, her lungs have matured enough afford her the wind power she may have lacked during the AGT competition. However, she used this new power sparingly and never over sang or pushed her vocals.

She is a very dynamic performer both vocally and in terms of her musical artistry. Her voice is capable of soaring or whispering a song lyric, and I was enthralled by every moment. Jackie is not just a singer but an interpreter of songs, in much the same way as Barbra Streisand or Frank Sinatra. What I mean by that is that even at her young age, Jackie has the ability to communicate a song lyric through her own unique style of phrasing and delivery. She takes time with the lyric as she tells the song's story and conveys a level of emotion uncanny for a girl of her age. This is a rare gift and one that must be seen live to be appreciated.

I own all of Jackie's CDs and while I enjoy them, nothing compares to seeing her perform with ones own eyes. She is pitch perfect. I never heard one stray note. Not even slightly off. Her voice is a cross between an angelic boys choir and Sarah Brightman's. It is not operatic and it is not POP. It is indeed Classical Crossover but it is something more than that. Hard to put into words.

I was pleased that the program was paced between Jackie and the orchestra, which allowed her moments of vocal rest between sets. She did not sing too many songs and left the audience wanting more when she finally wished us goodnight after 2 encores.

I will never forget the peace, the sense of awe and enjoyment she blessed me with last night, and I feel so honored to have been in that audience.

Concert - Portland, Orgeon - 11/30/13 8 hours ago via ProBoards

Post by fantabulosa

Just a few comments. This is the first time being in the front row, and consequently I lost count of the eye-to-eye smiles from Jackie! I hate to admit it, but it makes you feel like an excited little girl, LOL. DaveM lent his Jackie Ghost Bride tie to me, and he wore his PTAD era one with her beautifully posed in front of a tree. When Jackie first came out on stage, the ties caught her attention, and she returned the warmest expression of amusement to both of us.

The orchestra was nothing short of perfect. Balanced, absolutely in tune, and both smooth as silk and powerfully dynamic as the music, and John Mario, called for.

Fashion comment: Jackie wore a simple pair of low black heels with her beautiful blue gown, and rather ornate, and higher, heels with her stunning black gown. She commented how the higher heels made her taller as she adjusted her mic stand for the second set. I unfortunately was looking away when she adjusted her mic, but hearing that she did brought to mind two times during her pre-AGT era when someone had to help her with that.

Which reminds me, during her performance of O Mio Babbino Caro, I struggled to catch even a glimmer of the little girl in the red dress, but I couldn't. Still, I was just as awestruck that this IS the same girl. I was overwhelmed with a sense of living history. She has come such a long way in just a few short years!
I was thrilled to death to hear four songs that I'd never heard her sing in concert. White Christmas, Walking in the Air and Believe were unexpected treats, and she sang them all beautifully, as she did all the other songs of the evening.
Speaking of Jackie's voice, I was impressed by how much more mature and powerful it is since I last heard her in Las Vegas (where her voice and the acoustics in Reynolds Hall left me melted into my seat). More than any other time I've seen her, I found myself fighting back tears. The few minor things she has yet to overcome, she will overcome because that's what she does. I felt a comforting sense of optimism about her future. I honestly felt like I was seeing and hearing the adult Jackie emerging.
A few miscellaneous observations. Many in the orchestra applauded her by hand (rather than the customary bow tapping). The concertmaster, who appeared to be quite taken by Jackie, may have set the example for this, as he applauded often.
I loved the lighting. I would guess that the lighting effects were the work of the venue's own lighting person; kudos to him or her for their creative work.
It was good to see and chat with familiar fans and meet new ones. I also loved having Dave spend Thanksgiving at my home, and driving down with him from north of Seattle. All-in-all, it was a wonderful concert experience.

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