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Appearance - December 05 2013 New York, NY Carnegie Hall 8:00 PM

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Devlin Stark (left, in blue), Lady Galway, the two ladies behind Jackie (dressed in black) are "Lumiere", Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, and the effervescent Tim Janis in the blue suit.

Part of the Program

The Entire Ensemble

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Be of Good Cheer over at Amazon;

Jackie's songs at Carnegie tonight were:

The Impossible Dream
The Lords Prayer
Music of the Night
Walking in the Air

(OMBC was in the program at this point, but was skipped. All the above were consecutive; so whether that was done because it would have been a long set, or because they were running behind (ended almost exactly at 10pm, two hours after start), I don't know.)
Then after various other performers, the last number was Jackie doing OHN, with Sir James Galway on flute, and the choir. Since that was a different arrangement than she's ever done before, it's hard to comment, although all the pieces worked well enough together.

For the fashionistas, as far as I could see (front row almost all the way over on one side, late decision to go, couldn't see much), Jackie only wore what's presently her 2nd concert dress (the black or grey with sparkles).

I don't recall if I've ever heard "Believe" live before, and I definitely enjoyed it. Her MOTN sounded like one of the best ever (maybe like hearing the QL one live, except full length).

If anyone is interested, I could probably scan the full list (all performers and titles) some time after I get home. I've got a Bluetooth keyboard on my iPad, but it's a compact keyboard and I'm simply not typing the entire list. :-)

All of the other performers were quite good at what they did too, even if I wouldn't have driven a couple hundred miles to see them. :-) Sir and Lady Galway were very impressive together, for instance on "What Child Is This". The orchestra, choir, another youth choir, a "flute choir"...all were students, and all were impressive. Right before Jackie's first song, another 13 year-old, Devlin Stark, did a Broadway style song "Taylor the Latte Boy", with considerable humor.

All in all, a great night. And parts of NYC aren't to be afraid of - walked from a hotel on 46th between 6th and 7th (edit: no, 5th and 6th - but google maps + iPhone deals with me being a lame navigator) and back (nearly a mile each way?) in full penguin suit (with red tie/cummerbund/studs), and while it didn't feel as friendly as Pittsburgh by far, it felt safe enough...(edit: and the two rude noises I heard might have had to do with an untied patent leather shoe). Not going to go explore tomorrow...the traffic is insane (best to just walk or take public transportation I guess, and I'm walked out and get motion-sick if I'm not driving). And crowds? At congested points, I thought of the original Trek episode "The Mark of Gideon" - an entire planet standing room only, because they'd eliminated death...and needed some disease organisms from Kirk to re-introduce it. But anyway, now I can say I've walked on Broadway, on Fifth Avenue, Avenue of the Americas, past Radio City Music Hall, and been to Carnegie Hall (even if only in the audience).

Post by Kari over on Proboards:

Ross Silver's review on FB:

"Hello Everyone, I am getting a full review / report together. I arrived home near 1:30 AM. I have been chatting with a few people elsewhere and was a bit tired to post in multiple places. It is 4:30AM and I am still up, so, here are a few things to tide you over:

Jackie sang six songs and was brilliant:
Impossible Dream
The Lords Prayer
Music Of The night (loudest applause of the set)
Walking On Air
Jackie was supposed to sing O Mio Babbino Caro, but, the song was cut for some reason.

Jackie sang Oh Holy Night, for the finale of the show, and was accompanied by Sir James Galway on Flute, and The American Christmas Carol Youth Choir. This was amazing and the highlight of the night. Loudest applause of the night and then a standing ovation to end the night.

The concert hall was about 90% to 95% full. It seemed packed to me.There were the parents of the orchestra, ensembles, and choir as well as the other paid attendees.

John Mario was not conducting and did not seem to be in attendance at all. 

There were two conductors who took turns conducting for Jackie's set. One made a point to go over and shake Jackie's hand. He seemed very pleased to working with Jackie. It was a great moment.

Jackie wore the same dark beautiful dress, with the shiny sequins, she has been using for her concerts. That dress is exquisite! Jackie is really growing up and it shows in her performance art.

Sir James and Lady Galway seemed very pleased and thrilled to working with Jackie. Smiles all around! When Lady Galway came out for the final bow she gave Jackie a huge smile and nod of approval.

A little girl ran up and gave Jackie flowers. Jackie smiled wide and gave her a nod to thank her. Such a cute moment! Kudos to Sam Silvers for giving the little girl one of his Jackie pins! The girl loved it and so did everyone with her.

Jackie did not make the meet and greet. The attendees were told she was not feeling well. She looked fine during the concert and showed no signs of illness. Jackie is a super trooper as we all know, so, she could have been hiding it. I have feeling, Jackie being just 13, just needed to get back to the hotel to get some sleep. After all she has to fly to California tomorrow and probably get some Cyber School in. If she is ill, I am praying she gets better soon!

Well, I typed a lot more than I planned. I will do my best to get this organized into a better report and review and post it as soon as possible."

A Review By 10027fan over on Proboards

Jackie Evancho #TheAmericanChristmasCarol
- The Imposible Dream
- Believe
- The Lord's Prayer
- Music Of The Night
- Walking In The Air
- O Mio Babbino Caro
- O Holy Night

Thanks to Jenny W Chan

This is what the program said, but they cut O Mio Babbino Caro.  No explanation was given.  Either the orchestra had too much to play and could not polish it sufficiently in time, or team E thought that Jackie shouldn't sing six numbers in a row.  O Holy Night came at the very end of the evening, with Sir James Galway playing along and harmonizing with Jackie, whereas Jackie's other numbers came about halfway through and all together.

More details:
The fan gathering at Sarabeth's was nice, and both Frank and Hiturbine brought Jackie buttons and Jackie business cards for everyone. I led Hiturbine and his wife on a walk down 5th avenue after dinner, stopping in some stores and hotel lobbies, and St. Patrick's Cathedral, which was unfortunately being refurbished and so was covered with scaffolding.  The Rockefeller Ctr. christmas tree looked great!

The concert began with a group of young guys playing Irish instruments, including the "uilleann Pipes", which were sort of like bagpipes.  I did not think they were very good.  Then two ladies called "Lumiere" sang two Irish songs.  I though they were lovely.  Then Tim Janis and Sir James Galway played three piano and flute duets written by Janis.  The songs were good, Galway was very good, and Janis is delightful.  Then a singer/songwriter called Cindy Cruse Ratcliff sang two of her songs, together with her little group, consisting of a guitarist and a woman singer. These were sorta pop/crossover, and Ms. Ratcliff is a good singer. This was followed by an engaging 13-year old girl named Devlin Stark, who sang a sweet and funny song called Taylor the Latte Boy, about how she loves a barista at Starbucks.  Here is the song sung by Kristen Chenoweth (although Devlin's version was more innocent and less stylized than Kristen's):

Then Jackie sang the first 5 songs listed above.  She was in very good voice, I thought.  It took the sound people a couple of numbers to get her microphone adjusted correctly.  She was accompanied by the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, which was large and really quite good.  They had a huge amount of music to play throughout the evening.  The audience was very appreciative of Jackie, and she looked very pleased and gave lots of double waves and smiles.  She briefly said hello to the audience, thanking us for coming, but she did not introduce the songs.  Then a small choir made up of young kids who have appeared in children's roles on Broadway (some of them very little), sang a Stephen Schwartz song called Someday - not the same song that Jackie sings.  They were very cute, but the number was not really polished.  At the beginning of the evening, and then again at this point, the MC, Rolland Smith, read Christmas-y poems that he had written, with musical underscoring by the Irish boy band (I found the poems fairly silly, and the Irish boy band increasingly cloying).  Mr. Smith also introduced each performer or group and generally was charming in these introductions, although he pronounced Jackie's last name EvAHNko.

Then the American Christmas Carol Choir came out.  This was a very large and rather good youth choir - I am pretty sure that it had well over 100 voices.  They sang, or sang with, nearly every number after that.  They started with Ave Maria a capella.  Then Cindy Cruse Ratcliff came out again and led them in a rousing version of Do You Hear What I Hear.  Sir James Galway and his wife played I Saw Three Ships and then played with the choir and a very, very sloppy youth flute ensemble for "Jingle Bells".  The 20 or so young flute players were not even sure when to play and when not to play.  It was obviously a number that needed significant rehearsal and did not get it, although the kids were cute.  The Galways then played What Child Is This and Silent Night, accompanied by the American Christmas Carol Choir.  Then Mr. Smith read another of his poems, Tim Janis thanked everyone and read a short bible passage, and the evening concluded with a wonderful "Oh Holy Night" by Jackie, accompanied by Sir James Galway and the choir.  A tiny girl went up to the stage and handed Jackie a bouquet of flowers, which everyone thought was very cute. As soon as the concert was over, I gave the little girl one of the Jackie buttons, which pleased her.

I understand that Jackie did not attend the Meet and Greet, and we were told by a bystander that he saw her run out of the theatre right after the show with her mom, get in an SUV and drive off.  Given that she has to perform in California in 48 hours, that seems prudent.

John Mario Di Costanzo did not conduct, and unfortunately, the way they had the stage set up, the soloists could not see the conductor, and this caused some lack of coordination, particularly between the Galways and the youth choir.  Jackie's bio in the program had various errors in it, including the annoying and persistent error about her having sung at the Congressional prayer breakfast "two months" after singing at the National Christmas Tree lighting.  In fact, it was A YEAR and two months later (14 months).

From hiturbine over at Proboards

To Jackie Fans across the land - and all the ships at sea - Hiturbine & Co. reporting from somewhere in northern New Jersey ...
NYC is a great place to visit - but I would not want to deal with that traffic every day!  HOLY COW! Just nuts!  The people all seemed friendly enough.

We arrived the day before the show - and our flight was late, of course.  The only sight-seeing we got in was on concert day.  Visited the WTC Memorial - an eirie sense there. Love New York cusine! Hate the prices!  But enough of the idle chat ...

We arrived at Sarabeth's South Central Park precisely at 4 PM, and, being the first to arrive, I had time to get my attire in proper order.  That red sash is a bit unruley ... where is a safety pin when you need one?  There were nine of us at the fan gathering, and we had a great meal - you could have built a house atop the chicken pot pie my wife had ordered ... I settled for a turkey club.  I was feeling a bit like Santa Clause, with my bag of 30 "Jackie at Carnegie" buttons and several packs of Jackie business cards to distribute (complements of Stephen) ... We engaged in lively conversation, some adult beverages, several rounds of photos - and then Sam graciously invited us to accompany him in a walk along 5th and 6th Avenues, so to see the lives of the "rich and famous."  Only my wife and I were able to make the tour. WOW! Thank You Sam!  Fortunately, I had my wife on an invisible teather, so my 4'-11" Peruvian Princess did not get lost in the crowd!

Now, being this was NYC, a guy sporting a penguine suit probably attracts little attention in that section of town; but add an emerald green vest, a bright red sash festooned with glittering Jackie buttons - and that does tend to make you a subject of interest!  Don't think I shyed away from the several curious individuals who approached me to quell their curiosity of the spectacle.   I did my duty, spreading Jackie cheer and bussiness cards amongst the Princes and Paupers strolling 5th and 6th Avenue, all busily attending to their Christmas shopping.  The buttons made for this event were thoroughly distributed to the patrons of Carnegie, post concert.  I could have easily given away 2 dozen more!

Now, about the focus of our mutual adoration - Do I really have to say this again? Of course! She was in magnificent form - as usual.  Double waves greeted us - the 13 year-old girl was there for sure - and we loved it.  But then she takes her poise, the magical transformation occurrs, and you are immediately transported to heaven.   Her highs were crystal clear, pitch perfect and sustained.  Her mid range was precise and exquisitely delivered, and her lows - oh, dear, her low range is becoming ever more full ... Jackie is to music what Lindt is to chocolate - scrumptiously delicious.  I noted something very subtle too - Jackie has a way of instantly adapting to every nuance in the musical arrangement ... Does the timing seem like it might throw her a curve?  No problem.  Jackie matches the tempo with perfection.  She nails it at every point in the score.  It was a treat. 

Font row, center stage - I never have experienced Jackie from that vantage point - and, yes, it was "amazing!"  Now, unfortunately, I did not get my anticipated "Jackie look" ... which was probably a good thing because I likely would have required surgery to correct the permanent grin that would have altered my usual serious continance.  Jackie wore a beautiful floor-length gown, her trademark "haute coulture" - as was expected.  The dress was of a chocolate tint, brimming with gold sequins, and cinched midwaist with a black bodice and beautiful ornimental.  Though we sat within 10 feet of Jackie, still you could not see her shoes - even from that  perspective - so I cannot say what style she wore, or whether they gave her some significant boost in height.  I noted she now wears a ring on each hand, and that her nails were done in a light silvery-gray tone.  Her eyes sparkled, but, from our vantage, they were not blue, and rather dark ... but they scintilated in the lighting.  Jackie was very animated during her performance.  Even though she did not walk the stage, as there was no room to do so, yet her hand gestures expressed to us the song as much as her voice.  You could tell how much she felt every note as if totally joined to the music.  It truly is amazing to watch this master at work.

Like all things Jackie, the time flies by, even as much as one wishes they could hold each moment indefinitely.  Too soon, the end arrives, and you and Jackie must part company.  Some thirty-ish individual expressed as much to me, longfully wishing he could halt time, that Jackie would sing without end.  Amazing how common that sentiment seems to be.  I handed him a Jackie button.   I know that probably did not console him - but then once you have experienced perfection, nothing else really satifies. 

So here I am, wishing I could see Jackie perform at her next venue - and every stop following.  Alas, I cannnot - and so I am once again left with a bittersweet memory of a wondefully enchanting evening.   Thank you, Jackie - and Merry Christmas!

5 Audience Mobile Video's on Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:18 pm


Walking In The Air

The Lord's Prayer

Karl Turban: This is the finale of the American Christmas Carol Concert at Carnegie Hall on December 5, 2013
O Holy Night duet with Sir james Galoway on Flute

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