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Concert - December 07 2013 Long Beach, California Terrace Theater 8:00 PM

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Conductor: John Mario Di Costanzo
Orchestra: Long Beach Symphony

Long Beach set list:
1. Orchestra - Nocturne
2. Lovers
3. When You Wish Upon A Star
4. Imaginer
5. Orchestra - Theme From Pirates Of The Caribbean
6. To Where You Are - John Mario Piano
7. Ombra Mai Fu
8. The Lords Prayer
9. Orchestra - Vince Guaraldi medley from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. O Mio Babbino Caro
12. The Music Of The Night
13. Orchestra - Bach's Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
14. White Christmas
15. O Holy Night
16. Encore 1: Walking in the Air
17. Encore 2: Believe 

Post by trace over at Proboards

Just got back from Long Beach and one of the best Jackie Concerts I've ever seen. I spoke with Jackie about getting enough rest and her schedule. She was very bubbly and said. "I'm fine no worries". Her energy was way up and she looked and sounded like 13 going on 23! Perfect right to be a bit tired every now and then. We had a great fan gathering and after party get together. This old timer saw a packed house with several standing ovations and Jackie at top form. Her control of the stage vastly improved and most professional. She's still the kid we all know and loves to giggle and wave. My son's first Jackie experience. He thought is was "breathtaking much like a semi-religious experience.....that young lady never misses a note and is most definitely connected". Her rendition of "Walking on Air" left us speechless. This marks our 8th Jackie concert and while these are just words, she truly gets better and better. High's, lows, and control. She uses her instrument with surgical precision.
The Jackie experience never gets old.

Post by miketigfan over at Proboards

Just got in from the concert. For a change, I'm not in a hotel room, but at my own proverbially humble abode. I live just 10 minutes from the theater. Next week everyone that normally puts up with my Jackie-talk (and surely some who don't) are going to hear all about Jackie Evancho visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific and getting a kiss from a sea lion. She obviously enjoyed her visit there. I've often wondered how much she gets out and about in the various cities in which she performs. I arrived a day before her concert last week in Portland and spent a good deal of time at the Portland Art Museum. There was a special Samurai exhibit, and much art from Japan and other Asian countries, and I wondered if Jackie has time to see such things. She has mentioned how much she enjoyed her visits to Japan. Unless I missed something, Jackie sang the same program she did in Portland. Overall, I liked the Portland concert more, but tonight's was still a wonderful concert. Some things were better tonight; for example, Imaginer. It was like the Dream With Me In Concert version, but with her newer, richer voice. Probably my favorite rendition of that. I just loved it. If she ever removes Imaginer from her set list, I'll cry, and not in a good way. I'm already a tad upset that Se is gone. I also don't think Lovers has ever sounded better than tonight. Jackie just sang it with so much authority. That song alone should make a believer of anybody. I'm so glad she's opening her concerts with this again. Excitement is generated right from the start. I was getting tired of Pure Imagination. (There, I said it) The Lord's Prayer has been consistently brilliant, night in night out, for the past year, probably longer. Tonight was no exception. I was just thinking that I'd like to get a very limited lobotomy, just enough so that I'd forget I'd ever heard Jackie sing The Lord's Prayer. Then the next time I heard it, I could just sit there and listen, "Oh, how lovely. This is a nice song". Then, about halfway through: "OH...MY...GOD!" That's what we'll experience again, no doubt, when Jackie records some new songs. I can't wait. There was a bit of yelling and some rowdiness from the audience. I don't like too much of that, but a little bit can be fun. It was good to see a lot of children attending. Has anyone noticed that there are more children at Jackie's Southern California concerts, or am I just imagining that?

Post by peabodysherman over at Proboards

Long Beach -1100 PM - Wife and I got back to room after a long day touring around Long Beach including attending Jackie's concert.  Too tired to write up a full post - wonderful time - "Imaginer" was particularly spectacular. Basically, Jackie sung her Portland songs ending with her rousing "Believe." I will provide a writeup later. Vince Guaraldi jazz music medley from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was played by the orchestra - enjoyable and very different. "Linus and Lucy" played during a Jackie concert.  Also Jackie mentioned she visited an aquarium and was kissed by a sea lion.  Likely, Jackie visited the Long Beach Aquarium - just a few blocks away.  Great meeting a number of ProBoards members at the fan get-together and in the lobby at the concert hall.

Review by:

Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Little Touch of Heaven

Just got back from the Jackie Evancho concert at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.
What a treat.
More words? I can think of very few, just now. Simply:
Catch her if you can. When you can.
She is no longer the little, little girl with the big voice that she was at her debut, what, three years ago now??? But I can report that she is still a delightfully giggling Little Miss, who waves little-girl-like at her adoring audience, as if they are friends caught up in this amazing trip with her. And the voice? It is blossoming beautifully, thank you very much, Jackie.
She has everything. Is a professional performer; just a little one, is all.
As I say: Catch her. No other words. Except to say: She is a gift. We need to treasure her.

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Posted by Forte over on Proboards
Part I is up on my new YT channel. Shot on a DSLR without benefit of looking through the lens, so the auto focus is a friend and foe. Either way the audio is always nice!

Lovers and When You Wish Upon A Star

Part II - Imaginer

Part III - To Where You Are

Part III - Ombra Mai Fu

From Carlos Boquin at Facebook;

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