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Concert - January 05 2014 Melbourne, Florida Maxwell C. King Center 7:30 PM

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3 Audience Reviews on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:33 pm


Melbourne set list:
Conductor: John Mario Di Costanza
Orchestra: Craig Turley Orchestra

1. Orchestra: Cavalleria Rusticana
2. When You Wish Upon A Star
3. Some Enchanted Evening
4. Ombra Mai Fu
5. Orchestra: Medley: Pirates Of The Caribbean
6. What A Wonderful World
7. Angel
8. The Lord's Prayer
9. Lovers
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. Imaginer
12. Orchestra: John Mario on Piano-Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
14. The Impossible Dream
15. Encore 1: Music Of The Night
16. Encore 2: O Mio Babbino Caro

Couple of reviews from fans over on Proboards:

From navvet1092:

"As I prepare to head to the airport and back home to VA, I just wanted to take a few minutes to further comment on Jackie's Melbourne concert last night.  Once again, our little angel thrilled us beyond description with another breathtaking performance; even as she, on a few brief occasions, fought back a lingering, post cold, cough.  We've all been there, and so the sympathetic response from the audience was heartwarming.  As some of us discussed later, we were deep in prayer for Jackie, while we were simulatneously being entranced and amazed by her unwavering performance.  Most of us also expressed a movement to tears that exceeded our previous concert experiences; I won't even try to explain it.  Another shining example of Jackie's extraordinary level of professionalism, being exhibited at such a young age.

It was another wonderful opportunity to meet with other fans, both pre and post concert, as well as interfacing with many of the local attendee's at the concert.  I am always impressed with the various backgrounds of Jackie's fans, and it is so much fun to engage as many as possible in conversation.  I wish that I had the time to chronicle all of my experiences with these conversations, and capture them in a memoir of my concert attendences.  Last night was no exception, with meeting one (1) elderly Korean/Viet Nam war veteran, who was nearly in tears when I gave him a photo of Jackie that I had from the Long Beach concert.  His wife sought me out after the concert to tell me how much that small gesture had meant to him.  I was seated next to a lady, who just happened to be the wife of a trumpet player with the orchestra, and the gentleman seated in front of me astounded me with multiple tales of his 27 years as a NASA project manager, who had been directly involved with many of our major space missions.  The beauty of all this is, that on this night, at this time, and in this place, we were all reduced to the common denominator of being totally mesmerized fans of a beautiful young lady, who had just entertained us with the voice of an angel.  An experience that none of us would soon, if ever, forget.

Well, off to the airport now, and looking forward to Phoenix in a few weeks.  Definitely excited to be attending another Jackie concert, but with harboring mixed emotions, as I know that it may be the last one for a while.  Can't wait to see what Jackie's next schedule release will hold for all of us, but it's all part of the fun and enjoyment of being a Jackie fan; right?  Smile

Best wishes to all!

- Len"

From featherman:

"The orchestra seemed to be the same as performed in Miami. Thought that was interesting. I guess they all bused up. John Mario got a very enthusiastic reception for a rousing "Bohemian Rhapsody" musical interlude in the second half. The opening musical number was the Intermezzo from Cavalier Rusticano, a gorgeous piece of music. The Jackie for three songs then John Mario and orchestra for a rousing "pirates of the Caribbean"

If I recall correctly Jackie's coughing fits were at the end of the third song, at the end of the six (Lords Prayer... Magnificent by the way). She also started coughing a bit during the opening number of the second half. After the song was over, Jackie very sweetly addressed the problem and apologized. And got a big hand. We were concerned but thrilled that she was soldiering on as she did. Just wonderful. With this problem I commented there was no way we get an encore. Instead we got TWO. And the final note of the concert was earth shattering, producing gasps from the audience around me... and an "oh wow" from me.

Quite a performance."

From jackiebuffyfan

Concert Thoughts

as you've likely read and/or heard, yes, dear Jackie coughed a few times in Melbourne..  in the 1st set, a small cough during a couple of songs and at the end of a couple of songs..   and then again a small cough during the 1st song Lovers of the 2nd set..   but it DIDN'T stop her delivering on a stellar performance for each and every song..

we really didn't think there was anything seriously wrong (otherwise she wouldn't have been out there), but there was speculation about the musty air-conditioning, the thick perfume in the air, and locals said Melbourne is a high allergy area..  so generally the worries were more for Jackie's feelings - although a fairly seasoned pro, she is still just a little girl with feelings..

after finishing Lovers, Jackie apologized for a few “blips” tonight, because she was “just getting over a cold”..  and then the oddest thing occurred (or maybe it wasn't so odd considering it's Jackie) - for the rest of the concert, there were no more “blips” at all, not one..   it's like once she acknowledged it, she “owned” it – it was no longer an external effect besetting her – it had come under “The Jackie Effect” - she now controlled it, quite possibly without conscious knowledge of such - another inherent “power” in that little girl..

the sentiment overheard in the lobby at intermission succinctly summed up the general audience reaction to Jackie's few “blips”, and I quote: “... it only makes her more adorable.”..

I've been to 8 concerts and I have never seen such an enthusiastic full house standing O for The Lord's Prayer as in Melbourne..  while we were clapping away, Jackie was coughing a bit, and smiling seemingly grateful and happy, and trying to get out some thank you's..   which only escalated the applause..  and probably added to her cough..  it was a love fest..!!

and when Jackie sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight in the 2nd set..!! - OH YEAH..!! - the air was thick with love..!!   Jackie had people tearing-up all over the place throughout her set list, from mega-multiple concert goers to first time concert newbies and everyone in between..

expecting a laid back crowd, maybe mostly retired audience, willing to applaud but sit, I was overwhelmingly surprised by the eagerness to thunder their appreciation while standing..   Jackie didn't get standing Os for every song (although if you include “partial” standing Os, it was virtually every song), but when she did (which was from The Lord's Prayer on), it was FULL audience participation, and from a packed house too – virtual sell-out..   Jackie was happy – which made everyone happy – it was a happy fest..!!

as usual Jackie dedicated a song to her mom – and, as since Worcester, it was The Impossible Dream..  it seemed to me that although she said her usual dedication thoughts, they came out so wonderfully clear and precise..  it also struck me that she kind of turned a bit to her right as she finished her dedication and I almost half expected to see mom make a quick appearance..  what was really striking too, was the audience's obvious appreciation for this sweet gesture with a level of “oooohhhs” and “aaaahhhs” that I had not heard in any of my previous 7 concerts..

on a night when, because of her residual cold, we would have expected no encores (and fully understood), Jackie gratefully acknowledged an appreciative audience with, not one, but two stunning renditions..   and with such power and ease – truly The Amazing Extraordinary Jackie Evancho – this dynamo rises up and conquers all obstacles..  it is a perilous life, that of an obstacle in Jackie's way, for it will be slain..

there was similar theatrical lighting as at Miami..   and the stage draperies seemed quite similar too..  Jackie and stage were often immersed in blue, goldish green, and I think red..  the most striking was for The Music Of The Night, with Jackie and stage awash in a deep royal blue..

on either side of the theatre wall, there were columns of lighting inset into the wall, directed at the stage..  the columns started about 10-15 ft above ground and went to the ceiling, and were about 4 ft wide..  at the bottom of the audience left column we spied a cameraman with big video camera (and headphones), who seemingly videoed the full concert..  never saw something like that at my previously attended concerts - wonder if there was anything to it..?


Thank-you for collecting and posting all of the reviews.

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