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Interview w/Brian Copeland on KGO NewsTalk 810 San Francisco 2 PM 11/04/2013

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Review by Ehkzu:
Ehkzu says:
re: her interview with Brian Copeland

One thing about Jackie is that she never sounds coached. I missed the very beginning when she mentioned music she liked. Anyone care to list the stuff she cited? I came in when she was saying something about Beethoven.

I found her lipsynch accusation answer interesting. Her dad had called it a compliment--albeit a left handed one--years ago, but in this interview Jackie said the idea of it being a compliment was totally new to her, but that she found it plausible. But she'd definitely been offended by the accusations at the time.

It was saddening to her that Rachel at 10 can't go to a movie with friends unless Matt can come along. Much as I respect the need for security, I don't see Rachel being in any more danger from such an outing than any other American middle class 10 year old. Jackie did show awareness that to a degree her fame and career are happening at the expense of her siblings' lives. Not that I think she can or should do anything about it, but the consciousness should be there--and is. Glad to know.

For goals she listed singing, acting, and songwriting. Copeland didn't ask whether she meant lyrics, music, both, or via collaborations on either/both. But it was very good to hear her state that as a goal.

One other observation: in these music industry trying times and her own label's gyrations--moving to a new division and whatnot--she seems to have an acute appreciation of how valuable her loyal fans are to her--that they're something she can depend on even when a lot of other things are up in the air. I'm glad all us fans as a group can provide that sense of security for her.

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Download link to the full Brian Copeland Interview on KGOB Radio
This downloads a .m4a file which should be playable in the latest Windows Media Player or the free Zoom Player.

A much better Youtube version.

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