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Interview with Ray Appleton of KMJ 580 Radio Fresno on Nov. 4 2013 at 11:00 AM

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Here is a Youtube version of the interview:

And here is a review of the interview by A Reader from "Frisco Beach" over at Amazon.

GREAT interview, maybe the best ever. Ray Appleton (KMJ radio Fresno) didn't ask her the same old questions, but tried to get to new things. He was excellent, despite not knowing that much about her beforehand.

No regular vocal coach, but they "consult professionals" to make sure she's not picking up any "bad habits."

***SPOILER ALERT!*** DON'T READ if you still want to listen to the interview & be surprised.

She's writing songs, wants to write more & would love to put out an album of only her own songs. She admires LGG's courage, creativity & talent, but evidently doesn't know a lot about Madonna.

She's aware of the money she makes but only wants a small allowance. It's being saved for later. She's aware of the need to be responsible with money.

She wants to go to college, just for the sake of learning. She likes regular school, but enjoys online school.

She's shocked at how far she's come, & is very grateful for the help of her family & others around her. She's aware of bad reviews, but says it's "part of growing as an artist." Maybe there's something true about what the critics say. She just doesn't let them get to her.

She'd love to perform at Madison Square Garden. She's so modest she didn't mention singing at Oprah's last show, where she, JG & Patti Labelle consecutively sang Over the Rainbow.

As usual, she's extremely diplomatic & wouldn't single out one most impressive person, or biggest star, she's met. She did mention other things Smokey Robinson told her: when the audience is NOT asking for autographs & photos, that's when you're in trouble.

She has "plenty of time to be a 13 year old." She loves to draw, including "deep, dark" stuff. She sounded embarrassed to talk about it, but mentioned haunted houses, ghosts, etc.

Again, like with Leno, we get Jackie's dark edge. Despite her happy childhood (about which she's very much aware, & grateful), she's aware of lots of evil, pain & suffering in life.

Not exactly a surprise, given what she's sung about, starting with PTAD. Not to mention the fact that at 9, she could somehow put ALL of the joy AND SADNESS of life into her singing. "Impossible" - but true. (JMHO!)

She's had a few embarrassing moments on stage. Besides the "hiccup" in WYWSHA in the 2008 Kean Idol ("wishing you were somehow here - HICCUP- again"), she's also run into walls walking offstage.

She listens to "everything," from the Beatles "down to" (ahem - others might agree) Ke$ha. She again mentioned Maroon-5. She also likes the Colombian singer Shakira.

She even cracked some jokes.

Her mom, manager & label choose songs for here, but she gets final approval. Her favorite song is the Phantom Main Theme. Ding! ding! ding!


No doubt I've forgotten some things, but I tried to omit the stuff we already know.

At the end, some fans called in, including one of the Jerrys (Jerry W???)

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