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Concert - June 01 2014 Carmel, Indiana The Palladium 7:00 PM

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This will be a Songs From The Silver Screen concert.

The Venue:

Tickets start Friday March 7 at 10:00 AM

Some venue images:

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2 Palladium Announcement on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:08 pm



3 Jackie's Tweet before the concert. on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:22 pm


Decided to have some fun backstage with my little brother. He's so sweet to let me do this to him.

4 Audience Reviews on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:50 am


By miketigfan over on Proboards:

I'm beat and under the weather. Can't stay on long right now. But one of the highlights of the evening was Jackie apologizing for the late start because they hid Maestro's shoes as a prank and that delayed their arrival. JMdiC turned around on the podium and blew Jackie a two-handed kiss. If anyone happened to document that by photo or video, please share. It was truly a rare and special moment.  The concert was simply amazing. At every concert I've been to Jackie has given us a rendition of at least one song as good as any rendition I've heard before.  That was the case with several tonight. Jackie is on her game now, better than ever.  Yes, we keep saying that, but it's the truth.  Tonight Reflection was done by far the best I've ever heard.  Never one of my favorites, she simply made me love it this evening.  Imaginer actually is my favorite and she did that as well as I've ever heard. Same goes for O Mio Babbino Caro, amazingly enough, Lovers and The Lord's Prayer.  Perfect, simply perfect.  I really enjoyed Some Enchanted Evening, much more than I did in Phoenix, where the revolving stage had taken Jackie to the other side of the hall for most of that song.  Did it seem to anyone else that Some Enchanted Evening had a more strident arrangement?  It seemed to have more of a beat, almost a bossa nova or something like that.  The orchestra was great.  At the end, during the ovations before the encores one of the violists was not content to just do that tapping the bow on the instrument thing.  He was pumped, with a big smile on his face.  He put the instrument in his lap and applauded vigorously, slamming his hands together as hard as I was.  People, I do believe he is one of us.

Jackie was simply more charming than I'd ever seen her before.  She was funny. When she dedicated Impossible Dream to her mother as usual, noting that she wouldn't be where she is without her mother, she mentioned the role of her fans, as well, but reminded us that it was her mother who took her all over the east coast in the early days.  Before What a Wonderful World she mentioned that she makes her dad cry when she sings that. She said she doesn't particularly like to see her dad cry, but she likes knowing that she can have that effect on him. Her adorable mannerisms and gestures are still intact, all that stuff we love seeing.  Quite a few of the two-handed waves.  And, Gott sei dank, she still twitches her fingers and grabs at her dress while singing. I don't ever want her to stop doing that.  I think it has something to do with how good she sounds. The one thing I think she doesn't do any more is skip off the stage.  Oh, oh!...I must mention that the second half dress is my very favorite..ever.  My favorite of any I've seen at concerts I've attended, videos I've watched or in pictures. I'm waiting to see if the sparkling can be truly captured by camera.  Truly was stunning.  Was it just me or did Jackie seem skinnier to anyone else?  Maybe a growth spurt, getting taller or something. No, I am not joing the debate about her height.

The personal subjective stuff:  This was concert number ten for me.  My Tissue Time at each concert had occurred during different songs at different concerts, four of them being the very first line of the very first song.  Tonight was one of those, so five times now.  Jackie is now batting .500 in getting my tears to flow at the first line she sings.  Tonight was full-on Jackie Effect: tears, stuffed up nose and now a new one--my lower lip trembling.  If I've done that before, I don't remember.  Also, during The Lord's Prayer I was trembling a bit.  I guess eventually Jackie will just make me melt into a big puddle of goo on the floor. A woman sitting next to me, after asking me how many concerts I'd been to and where I was from, said, "I've heard about people like you". It turned out that she was also from Southern California, but had moved to the Indianapolis area within the last couple of weeks. I am so glad I went to this. I'd been excited about it for weeks and weeks and it was everything and more than I could have hoped for.

By jackieandbuffyfan over on Proboards:

Song Thoughts

Some Enchanted Evening:  Jackie apologized to the audience about the late start to the concert (actually I hadn't really noticed it being late, but I guess it was maybe a few minutes)..  she gave us a delightful story about how she and Zach had hid John Mario's shoes and he had gone back to the hotel looking for them..  she happily apologized to John too – his big smile told us all we needed to know – she's a lot of fun..!

Pure Imagination:  she even teased us with the hint of a spin as she walked to her left holding mic in right hand, and with a light grip of her dress with her left hand, she gave a slight fling of the dress to the front and beamed a playful smile as she sang the word “spin”..

Ombra Mai Fu:  again, I feel sure that not an eye closed while she sang, despite her usual invitation to close our eyes and imagine a favourite tree..

What A Wonderful World:  Jackie spoke of how special this song was because it is one of her dad's favourites and that she makes him cry when she sings it..  she said she didn't really enjoy making him cry, but she was proud that she could have that affect on him..  I'm thinking this charming little introduction likely made every dad (and others) in the audience cry too – me included..

Reflection:  as the father of three daughters, I know first hand the meaningfulness of this song – and I expect it's probably similar for Jackie – she has even said as much when introducing the song – my heart goes out to her..  it was the 6th song of the first set and she delivered it as though a final set song – with such feeling and meaning – and I was thinking “what a change..  no The Lord's Prayer..”..  but then, upon completion, Jackie turns, pulls the mic stand to front stage and - oh my!  She's going to sing The Lord's Prayer too!  We're getting an extra song!  unbelievable good fortune! - so clearly enjoying herself, the awesome venue, acoustics and sell-out audience..  this little wisp of a girl, with the commanding presence and vocals, so deserves it all..

My Heart Will Go On:  I think it was here, after Lovers, and for her first chat to the audience in the 2nd set that Jackie told us about how much fun she was having with her brother Zach..  and that he even let her curl his hair so that it stuck up in the front, sort of like an afro..  and that Zach liked it and she had fun doing it and she loves him very much..  then she dedicated the song to her fans for whom her love for them will go on and on..

Imaginer:  “I think this is a beautiful song about making the world a better place..  and I like that thought..  and I hope you do too..  so enjoy Imaginer..”

The Impossible Dream:  Jackie again dedicated to her mom, this time using her fingers to enumerate the reasons..  “#1 – she raised me..  #2 – she gave birth to 3 other siblings, whom I love very much and without whom my life would be so much less exciting..  I love her so much..  and I wouldn't be here tonight without her..  and all of you of course, but you didn't drive me all over the east coast to competitions..  I love you mom..!”

Can You Feel The Love Tonight:  Jackie thanked John Mario, her sound engineer for helping to make her sound beautiful, and the wonderful orchestra..  and if you were there, you know what I mean when I say she was 1000% adorable during the singing of this song – way to go Jackie..!!

O Mio Babbino Caro:  “this was the first song that I learned from sheet music..  and the first song I sang on America's Got Talent..”

after exiting after singing OMBC, Jackie came back for a curtain call, then exited again..  some doubt crept in about a 2nd encore, especially since she had already given us two extra songs (one each per set)..  but our pleas for another encore were rewarded yet again with Music Of The Night..

15 songs in total..!  wow..!  never more than 13 songs in any previous concert that I attended..  what a treat..  thank you Jackie..!

Standing Ovations:  Ombra Mai Fu, What A Wonderful World, Reflection, Lovers, What A Wonderful World, Se..

Thunderous Standing Ovations:  The Lord's Prayer, The Impossible Dream, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, O Mio Babbino Caro, Music Of The Night..

orchestra was clearly enamoured with Jackie as well..  at the completion of each song, I could see warm smiles on the violinists and cellists – one of the older gentlemen violinists routinely vigorously clapped with the audience, at times even putting his violin down..  he was right in there with all of us too, beseeching her for encores..

Concert Thoughts

thank you Jackie..!  I somewhat recently posted how, like so many fans, I'm looking forward to her new album and tour, but that I know there will be times when I will miss her song performances from her Songs From The Silver Screen tour..  I had already been missing When I Fall In Love, Reflection, Se, Pure Imagination and The Summer Knows..  my goodness though! - she must have read my post or we're somehow on the same wavelength, because at Carmel (the last concert for a few months?) she sang many of those songs again..  thank you, thank you, thank you, Jackie..!

Jackie entered and exited the stage through a stage door to our left – quite different from the usual walking on and off behind stage side curtains..  there were 2 doors that opened from the middle to off stage, each door with a darkened window on the top of the door..  every now and then, a glance over to the doors was rewarded with a shaded silhouette of a face – Zach, Jackie (light hair), Lisa (dark hair)..  catching sight of Lisa peering through the window, I couldn't help think how deservingly proud she must have felt back there – I hope she was able to steal a moment or two and just bask in how accomplished and polished and masterful and seemingly at ease her daughter has become on stage..  I'm thinking that if it was me, I'd have permanent welt marks from repeated pinching myself - “is this for real?”..

a man, in the 1st row directly in front of me, was constantly shaking his head from side to side in disbelief throughout the concert – whenever Jackie sang some high notes, or extended vibrato or was otherwise wowing us..  a lady in the front row broke down visibly sobbing during My Heart Will Go On – it looked to me like Jackie noticed her as she returned to center stage and I think it spurred her to give some extra gusto at that time – after all that's why people attend – to be moved – and Jackie is certainly one to meet those expectations..  after the concert, I sought out the lady to give her my “I saw Jackie in Carmel” button, and she teared up again, mustering a heartfelt thank you..  a couple of us assured her that she was not alone in her reaction – Jackie does that to all of us..  so My Heart Will Go On now has a new teary meaning, having shared this moment with the lady in row 1 in Carmel..

Jackie seemed to pick the absolute best moment to read and answer 3 questions..  it went really well..  too bad none of the question writers were in the audience – when it came time, I had multiple fingers crossed that one of my questions might have been chosen – but alas, they simply weren't “big time” material..  as Jackie walked on stage after Jurassic Park, waving a piece of paper, Jackie said (paraphrasing here):

  • “we've tried something a little different this time..  I asked fans to submit questions with their names, and we'd pick a few to answer at tonight's concert..  so first question is 'How long did it take to compose your song on the new album?'..  well, considering everything, from start to finish, about two weeks in total..
  • second question is ''what do you plan to study in school?'..  I plan to study Philosophy..  I want to help people and if I can understand how their minds work then I figure I can better help them..  also, with philosophy, I can understand more about my inner emotions and be better able to channel that into my singing, which is what every artist wants to do..
  • third question is 'will you have a Christmas album this year?'..  well, there is nothing scheduled for a Christmas album..  but you never know..  we might decide to have one and just record it..”..

Jackie had us in the palm of her hand throughout, hanging on every word, it was a fun atmosphere, with chuckles and clapping..

Milwaukee was an intimate setting, seemed like maybe singing to family – Carmel, in contrast, was grandiose..  so each was very different, but equally happy venues for Jackie – I imagine the wonderful venue, acoustics and sell-out crowd were very gratifying – and so, Jackie was special..  it seems to me that Jackie improves on perfection every time I see and hear her – I imagine it has something to do with her actual development, but I think too, for me anyway, it's my imperfect memory tending to bring things back to the mean or the norm, then when I hear Jackie again, I'm in super-awed territory again..  in Carmel though, I have no doubt that she was inspired to deliver a magnificent performance..

I had clarified with venue staff staff before the concert that non-flash photography was permitted, so I took a couple of photos, but in trying to be non-obtrusive to my fellow audience members, I was too hasty and they all were somewhat out of focus – oh drat..

speaking with venue staff at intermission, they firmly declared that the show was considered a sell-out..  indeed, the venue did look packed..  even the behind the stage seating was mostly filled – Jackie didn't seem to turn to them very often, but she gave them a hearty wave at concert end..

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5 Audience Mobile Videos (Cell Phone Quality) on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:54 am


Get them while they are still up on Youtube:

Ombra Mai Fu

The Lords Prayer

Pure Imagination

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6 Set List on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:10 am


Conductor: John Mario Di Costanza
Orchestra: Local Musicians (Setup)

The Palladium set list:
 1. Orchestra: Cavalleria Rusticana
 2. When You Wish Upon A Star
 3. Some Enchanted Evening
 4. Ombra Mai Fu
 5. Orchestra: Medley: Pirates Of The Caribbean
 6. Pure Imagination
 7. What A Wonderful World
 8. Reflection
 9. The Lords Prayer
10. Lovers
11. My Heart Will Go On
12. Imaginer
13. Orchestra: Theme From Jurassic Park
14. Se
15. The Impossible Dream
16. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
17. Encore 1: O Mio Babbino Caro
18. Encore 2: Music Of The Night

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