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Concert - May 30 2014 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pabst Theater 8:00 PM

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NOTE: The Pabst has replaced the Riverside in order to prevent a possible cancellation.

The Pabst is a 1345 seat venue.

Pre-sale starts Wednesday, 03/26/2014 @12:00 PM
            ends  Thursday, 03/27/2014    @11:59 PM

Sale:     starts Friday, 03/28/2014        @12:00 PM

Venue Images:

2 Setlist on Fri May 30, 2014 10:56 am


Conductor: John Mario Di Costanza
Orchestra: Local Musicians (Setup)

Pabst set list:
 1. Orchestra: Cavalleria Rusticana
 2. When You Wish Upon A Star
 3. Some Enchanted Evening
 4. Ombra Mai Fu
 5. Orchestra: Medley: Pirates Of The Caribbean
 6. What A Wonderful World
 7. Reflection
 8. The Lords Prayer
 9. Lovers
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. Imaginer
12. Orchestra: Theme From Jurassic Park
13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
14. The Impossible Dream
15. Encore 1: O Mio Babbino Caro
16. Encore 2: Music Of The Night

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3 Audience Reviews on Sat May 31, 2014 8:17 pm


From yodasr on Proboards:
"The audience loved her and that love just increased as the concert continued.  But when she sings, dead silence.  Her stage presence is unbelievable.  As was stated about the DC appearance, she owns that stage.  She sang essentially the same set list as Detroit.  I don't even remember what came in which order, though.  It was interesting to note, between the first and second acts a stagehand came out and replaced her "teleprompter".  Two sheets of paper taped top and bottom to the floor.  Gray duct tape for those trivia buffs who need to know everything about something.  After the 2nd encore, jackieandbuffyfan put a single rose on the stage.  She came over and got it and accepted a greeting card from someone else.  I didn't check the time, I know she sang for an hour, but it seemed like 15 seconds. "

From RickB on Proboards:
"Here is my attempt at a concert review:

This was my 4th Jackie concert and it was special to me in that I flew in for a change (a first). The downsizing to the Pabst theater worked out perfectly in my opinion as it seemed more intimate and nearly sold out. I had the best seats I have ever had (3rd row, just right of center). The pre-concert fan gathering is a must, if only to prove to yourself that you are not the only one "gobsmacked" by this young lady, and it builds the excitement!

After the opening orchestra number, Jackie appeared in a new dress (to me anyway) and was absolutely gorgeous. It took a song or two for both Jackie and the audience to settle in, but from then on it was a love fest of spot on vocals, heavenly movements, and interaction that one always hopes for... Jackie was incredible, confident, and really seemed to be enjoying every moment. Time flew by all too quickly and tears flowed freely, but she received all the love and support we could muster!!

Usually I am exhausted after such an emotion filled evening, but the post-concert gathering went on until midnight and I enjoyed talking with both new and old fans (to me anyway).

Wish I could remember the exact set list and order so I could relive each moment and I also wish I could remember some of the audience comments and Jackie's reactions/replies as they were priceless!!!

Time to work on a new addition to my Jackie wall; the ticket, buttons, and an 8x10 of the best fan photo is getting framed (although that Jackie tweet photo ain't too bad once I find a way to remove the plumbing/asbestos!)... LOL"

From snoberg on Proboards:

I too was in attendance it was my 3rd concert. The little girl is gone and replaced by a gorgeous, happy, chatty, gracious and unbelievably gifted teen.   She indeed owned the stage and all of yodasr's comments above hold true.  I was at the far left front of the pit and on rare occasion glanced back at the audience.  They appeared to be synchronized with Jackie's movements heads on swivels so to speak, it was rapturous.  Jackie for the most part was very animated and was moving in the groove not unlike music theater. 

Best part if I had to pick was WAWW  being new for me in concert and LOVERS which was so over the top beautiful that words I know would fail miserably to describe the performance.  Truly she owns LOVERS in perpetuity.

Had a wonderful experience worth the 16 hours of total driving,  the place was near capacity and we really got a show.  I even got a button from a guy named Joe and he gave many out generously including some to the young ones.  Mr. SG  I think it was one you made as it had your imprimatur SG in the lower part of the button.

Just returned home  this evening so I take some time to reflect and add more to this thread later.

One post script, as Jackie was dedicating Impossible Dream to her mom she also thanked Zachery for coming along and making the trip verrrry interesting and expressed her amusement.  I can just imagine what antics an 11/12 yr old brother can get into having been an impish one myself

From shesmorethanasinger on Proboards:
I just arrived home a couple of hours ago, and finally have a minute to comment in a little more in depth than I did on my brief Facebook post that rkarora1 quoted above. As someone else noted, "Beyond incredible" was simply not enough. This was, as I said, our 4th concert. Our first was Dallas, August 2011 -- often referred to as "The Love Fest." Many people have commented that it has long stood as one of the best, if not the best, of all of Jackie's concerts. But as I come away from this concert, I must say that Milwaukee will long be remembered – by Cherie and me, anyway – as the one that rivals Dallas. From the first note of WYWUAS to the end of MOTN, Jackie was as perfect as she was lovely, and as in love with her audience as we were with her. She held us in the palm of her hand with the gentleness of WAWW, the wistfulness of Lovers, and the spiritual depth of TLP, and, at one time or another, every eye in that auditorium shed a tear -- if not many tears -- of joy, wonder and sublime satisfaction. I heard comments from long-time Jackie alum such as, “I’m bawling my eyes out.” “Bring a mop; I’m a puddle.” “It’s like the first time all over again.”

I suppose one could say that this happens all the time; we call it “The Jackie Effect.” But here it happened like I, at least, had not seen before: It was like the entire auditorium was getting it!. And the reason was as simple as it was incredible: Jackie is that much better than she has ever been. Just as I have always said that Dallas 2011 was the best concert ever, I have also said that the 11-year-old Jackie was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. But this – oh, my – I have no words. That little seek peak from her new album – it just doesn’t tell the whole story. Experiencing 14 songs over the better part of 2 hours is, like I said, pretty much like starting the Jackie Experience again, from the top.

The other thing that I said in my brief FB post was, “A wonderful blessing.” Without getting too personal, let me just say that many things have come together in our lives that left Cherie an me a bit bereft of joy. And Jackie just spreads joy like Joseph S. spreads buttons. The only difference is that Jackie never runs out. We needed some joy, and Jackie delivered. What more can be said...?

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