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How to Post a New Comment

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1 How to Post a New Comment on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:10 am


Say you want to add a topic to the forum category Jackie in Concert

1. From the Home page, click on the blue Category link Jackie in Concert. A sub-page appears with the Category Jackie in Concerted listed to the right of a a solid blue square.

2 Click on the Jackie in Concert link (sorry, this is a two-step process -- makes no sense). You'll now see a list of topics that have already been started.

3. Click either one of the two New Topic buttons on the right (why two? no idea)

4. Give your topic a title.

5. Type in your message and use the toolbar buttons to italicize, bold etc. or add YouTube video etc.

6. Preview, if you wish.

7. Press send. You are done!

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