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PBS Special Awakening Aug 21 Longwood Gardens Kennett Square PA

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A long awaited announcement for the PBS Special of Jackie's new album "Awakening" was released yesterday by PBS:

PBS CONCERT TAPING at Longwood Gardens on August 21 for Dec Pledge Drive!

Kennett Square, PA (about 30-35 miles outside of Philadelphia)

Dates & Price
Thursday, August 21
7:30 pm
Unreserved Seating: $50
Members Unreserved Seating: $45

SOLD OUT - Buy tickets:

Don't miss this prodigy and finalist from America's Got Talent as she performs in our Open Air Theatre for a PBS concert taping.

See and hear this amazing young soprano who won runner-up on America's Got Talent at 10 years old. Jackie, who is now 14, will perform selections from her upcoming CD release, Awakening, and other classical favorites and pop hits. Audience-goers get to be a part of a TV show-this performance is being recorded and will later be edited to create the one-hour TV special that will air in December on PBS in time for their Christmas Pledge Drive.

Longwood Open Air Theatre seats 1,500.

Seating Chart:

Outdoor Map:


Longwood Song List:

Think Of Me (Brief duet with Cheyenne Jackson)
Your Love
Je T'aime
Made To Dream
O Mio Babbino Caro
Say Something (Duet w/Cheyenne Jackson))
Ave Maria
Rains of Castamere
Open Fields of Grace
Take Me There
With or Without You
My Immortal (Accompanied herself on piano for 1st verse)
Dormi Jesu

Songs not on the Awakening album:

O Mio Babbino Caro
Say Something
My Immortal

Longwood Gardens:

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2 Audience Photo's on Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:49 am


Jackie Playing Piano:

Cheyenne Jackson, Jackie, Jake, Rachel and ?

Cheyenne and Jackie Selfie:

Jackie and the Ballet Dancers:

2 items for sale at Longwood:

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3 Audience Reviews on Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:05 am


From Be of Good Cheer over at Amazon:

"Your Love" had me wiping my eyes with a silk pocket hankie, 'cause it's all I had. (an extra, utilitarian hankie was on my list, but got forgotten, given that I don't actually WRITE DOWN my lists most of the time)

"Je T'aime" wasn't far from doing that too, nor oddly was "With Or Without You": Jackie made the point it was there to pick up the pace, and also because it was another one her dad liked but didn't do as well as he thought he did (although she said she'd just gone "good dad" and made a head-patting motion). It caught my attention in a way the original version (which got plenty of airplay in its day) never did. "Memories" and "My Immortal" were also not as slow as the classic/foreign language songs, and were very intense (since their difficulty is interpretive more than vocal).

The two original songs will need time to settle in...probably that will need another hearing, which will have to wait for the CD. Either _might_ be a breakout, but I wouldn't count my eggs this early. OFOG(Open Fields Of Grace) sounded a bit to me like it was conflating two different topical themes, which means I'll need to read the lyrics and do some research to sort that one out. The words of Made To Dream are very Jackie - hints of the ideas in many of the more introspective songs she's sung are in there.

TOM (Think Of Me) is better with someone doing in effect the part of Raoul; it's more personal that way.

I'd say that this selection is a good start to avoiding any seeming of sameness in tempo, and shows some agility as well as gorgeous highs.

I think there's enough here to keep those wanting a DWM(Dream With Me) II (unrealistic as that may be - not to want, but to expect given what everyone else wants) from being too disappointed. And I think what's outside of that isn't any stranger than Angel was in DWM; it's a reasonable expansion to incorporate some recognized and accessible modern material into CC, IMO; and at least a couple of those should grow on those willing to give them a chance.

edit: the courage of playing the piano on the 1st verse of My Immortal was also nontrivial, even if she's not yet ready to do it for the whole song. I think that she's got a good grasp that - as an example - David Foster doesn't _need_ to be able to play like Conrad Tao, but there's a versatility that people appreciate in being able to accompany oneself. She of course apologized for not being better; we're clearly to think that even if we don't expect her to go THAT far yet, she's starting to expect it of herself. "

Be of Good Cheer says:
Forgot: "Say Something": sung with both seated on stools. Harmony very tight throughout. Like it for what it is...and although it's Jackie's voice I'm there to hear, she does duets and harmony too well NOT to do a little. Might have preferred that for something more classical; but they did want to sing something really together (tiny part for Raoul in TOM hardly counts), and this is what they agreed on. Overheard reactions to song ranged from yawn to wow."

By Chas over on Proboards:
" Chas says:
I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. I was amazed that Dormi Jesu was left for last, but it will erase any doubt about her upper register capabilities. We got to hear a soprano perform this evening. She took her presentation of OBMC(O Mio Babbino Caro) up another notch. Your Love was exquisite. But seeing her sit down at the keyboard and accompany herself for the first verse of "My Immortal", and make that song her own, heck! The whole evening was magic! And having the rain hold-off until I touched the door handle on my rented car was the cherry on top.

Edit: Her gowns were fabulous. At least one was Oscar de la Renta (part of the discourse between her and Cheyenne Jackson).

Edit2: Cheyenne sang the male part of "Think Of Me", and substituted "Jackie" for "Christine".

Edit3: The Orchestra was playing but was not mic'ed. They played along with the soundtrack. The cicada noise precluded it. There were many shoulder camera shots and boom shots of all of the orchestra.

Edit 4: The pas de deux with the vocalise was very good. Reshot because of a wardrobe malfunction. "

By varnk over on Proboards:
Just dropping a few comments about my experience at Longwood.  There will be an extensive report that I will write when I get home.  That report is going to take some time.  There is so much to write about with this concert, I don't even know where to begin.  I will have to collect my thoughts and figure out a way to express my experience.  I will try to comment on a few things for now and then post an extensive report in a day or two.  

All I can say is this was the most awesome concert experience that I have ever witnessed.  Yesterday will go down as being THE most memorable concert that I have ever attended.  Jackie was absolutely phenomenal!  Yes, there were some retakes and some miscues here and there, but that was to be expected.  Overall, if anyone dares to question Jackie's vocal range they have no clue as to what she is capable of.  She was hitting notes that were way up in the stratosphere.  Her pitch, her phrasing, her vocal quality, and her range were absolutely outstanding!  I can't even begin to describe how much I want this next CD / DVD.  After hearing this concert it will be agonizing to wait until next month to get the CD.

Also, I had heard that Jackie was a bit nervous about playing the piano and that she almost decided not to do it.  However, I am so glad that she did.  She played and sang at the same time and it was very very very good!  Midway through the song, she transitioned from the piano to the center stage as someone then took over for her on the piano.  After she sang the song she told us that she was very nervous about playing the piano.  Have no fear Jackie, you were awesome!  And, just to set the record straight, she did not just play with two fingers, she was playing a very challenging piano part.  For her to be able to do that and sing at the same time was just incredible!  

Anyhow, that is all for now.  I have to start back on my journey home.  More to come later...."

From glennfink over on Proboards:

Some thoughts on the day - I was very impressed with the whole production, but I would like to give special mention to the lighting job. Someone spent LOTS of time researching the best lighting combinations and using lights in particular that struck the evergreens and other plants/flowers in the most striking way. We were treated to several different color combinations that lit everything up in unimaginably beautiful ways, changing as needed at key moments during the performance.

I had no idea who Cheyenne Johnson was ahead of time, but he did just fine. He does have a pretty good stage personality, and a nice voice that blended well with Jackie's. I think their "Say Something" is going to get some attention even though it's not featured on the album.

My favorite songs were "Your Love" (wow, another Morricone a la Nella Fantasia, and easily as good as that one) and "Ave Maria." But I liked every song. Your Love was just astounding. I will be waiting to hear that one at every concert on this tour that I am able to witness.

Jackie playing piano was a wonderful unexpected treat, and it was not an easy piano part. I also am glad to see she is already comfortable singing and playing at the same time. That is a skill in itself. Guitarist BB King can't do it.

I had a great time in line talking and catching up with several fellow fans from this board, and also met the husband and kids of one of the cellists (whose name is Amy Flynn). They had never heard of Jackie before this gig, but they were extremely impressed, especially when we started to hear the rehearsal. Inside, I sat next to a man and his wife who said they were dancers, there to support the ballet performers. He said to me, "you seem to know a lot of the people here" and I explained, "Jackie has a message board, and there's something like 70 or 80 of us here..." His jaw dropped!

I concur that this is going to be an amazing CD and DVD and will be worth owning multiple copies. I can't wait to see the final edit. Was great seeing everyone there."

From fan over on Proboards:

So many posts have already said it all. Fantastic experience to hear and witness such perfection along with graciousness, humility,and sense of humor, She is a class act. One thing I would like to share is the "fun" (kind of lol) of standing in line for 3 hours before . Talking and chatting and watching all the others coming and getting into the queue. It was a lot of conversing in a very small space. I was toward the front, maybe 30-50-people back and all of a sudden the first strains of 'THINK OF ME " came to our ears. WE were positioned right behind the stage but it was hidden by trees! In no more than 10 seconds there was a hush in the crowd. Not a word was spoken and we were treated to a full rendition of the song in practice. At the end a loud cheer and clapping went up and yells of "JACKIE" ! and in a very tiny voice we heard the giggle and "thank you". It was a beautiful moment that brought this FAN to tears."

From pjtowncrier over on Proboards:

Longwood Gardens

They say that fairy tales, the magical wonderlands of Oz, Cinderella, and Camelot are only in one’s wildest imagination and never reach the realm of reality. After 76 years I now know that this is not true. Months ago when we were all speculating as to where this concert would be filmed I had said Longwood Gardens. I knew this was a very beautiful and special place but in my wildest imagination I could have never thought it could bring the magical experiences of the wonder of "fantasyland" into reality. This is exactly what happened for three short hours. All of the mystical and magical fantasies of the mind came forth out of the shadows of dreams into the realm of reality.

The beauty of the staging, lighting, and fountains were almost surreal, giving depth to the experience of the emotion and mood of each note and word which flowed from a real life Cinderella. From the very first moment when Jackie seemed to magically appear standing on the distant hillside; then slowly glide down the stairs to center stage during the orchestral introduction of the beautiful and powerful melody of “Think of Me”; immediately the fantasies of the mind became a reality. She slowly lifted the microphone and gave that far and distant Jackie look and began to sing. Jackie at this point made certain that she had taken us by the hand leading us into the wonderful land which only she can take you. She led and we followed for the audience was now as one, old and young alike, from all persuasions of thought and mind. We were submerged into the charisma of her voice and persona.

Song after song the fantasy journeyed through the ever changing colors of light which kept giving new life to the trees and plants and even her dresses. Each new song brought an elevated level of amazement and wonder. There were surprises along this journey like her singing of an old song “O Mio Babbino Caro”, the unexpected duet of “Say Something”, and her sitting at the piano playing and singing “My Immortal”. Even with all of the breaks and retakes the fantasy experience stayed alive. It was quite clear that even the forces of nature came under the spell of the night for the approaching storms subsided as if overwhelmed by it all.

It was truly a night to always remember. A real part of any Jackie concert is in meeting other fans and concert goers. This was especially true at Longwood Gardens since I was able to meet so many fans I haven’t personally met before. I dare not start mentioning names since I may inadvertently miss someone. I thank all of you for the time you shared with me.

If there was any weakness in the whole concert experience it would be in the script writing of the host. I thought in many ways it broke the mood of the concert experience. This may change, for what we saw that night will not be what we end up seeing in the finished product which I can’t wait to see.

I now know this, the realm of the fantasy world can become a reality. I know this for Jackie and the producers of the show led me into the magical world at Longwood Gardens."

From Clix Pix over on Amazon:

Clix Pix says:
Y'know, someone asked me after the taping what my favorites were from the concert and I honestly couldn't say right off the top of my head. I loved them all! LOL! Actually, to be honest, it was an overwhelming experience, hearing all of the songs (some brand-new, originals) for the first time and in that environment. Although we did get to hear a couple of songs more than once, it still wasn't exactly like listening to an album for the first time and then being able to hit "replay" to hear a track again and again.....

Off the top of my head now that I'm home again and have somewhat regained some of my senses, three songs really stand out to me:

(1) "Your Love," which is from the beautiful Ennio Morricone score of the film "Once Upon a Time in the West"and has English-language lyrics added to the orchestral score

(2) "Open Fields of Grace" -- a really, really lovely song and so well suited to Jackie's voice

(3) "With or Without You" -- Jackie handles this one so nicely, adding her own touch to a song better known as being by a rock group

All of the songs on this upcoming album are outstanding and each is notable in its own way. There was not one where I thought, "oh, meh...." or "well, that's one I'll skip on the album." Each song has its own unique character which is brought out by Jackie's voice and approach to the music and lyrics. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the actual album, come September 23rd!

Overall tempo? Definitely there are shifts in tempo, and the album will reflect this, too. I think that at last the complaint about all of Jackie's songs sounding the same will be laid to rest. She retains her classical crossover style and of course that gorgeous vocal timbre, yet also rocks a bit, too, and we in the audience were rocking right along with her. There is also the moodiness of "Rains of Castamere" and the soaring "Think of Me" as well as the change of pace in "My Immortal," which won't be on the standard version of the album but will be available as a bonus track on the Japanese release (and maybe, we can hope, on some sort of deluxe album here in the US with extra tracks, too). I imagine that the duet that Jackie and Cheyenne do, "Say Something," will only be available on the PBS DVD, but it, too, represents a shift in musical style for Jackie.

Folks, just tune into the PBS whenever it is offered on your local PBS stations in December. We are all in for a wonderful treat!"

Clix Pix says:
Jackie played the piano for the first two or so verses of "My Immortal." She then moved away from the piano and continued singing and the regular pianist carried on with the instrumental accompaniment. It was just on "My Immortal" that Jackie did anything with the piano.

Cheyenne Jackson sang the Raoul part from "Phantom of the Opera" to Jackie's "Christine," changing the name to "Jackie" as he sang his bit. Jackie sang most of the song.

Uh....I am not a professional musician or that knowledgeable about music to be able to say whether or not "any part of any song including that is not generally part of an orchestra." Eh? There wasn't anything like "Lovers", with its exotic Asian instruments added to the mix, if that is what you mean.

No, Jackie did NOT dance while singing. The dancing was during "Vocalise," and a ballerina and a male ballet dancer did a performance as Jackie sang.

Effect on the audience? I can only speak for myself, but it was a surprise and a delight. However, for me it was difficult to watch both the dancers AND Jackie at the same time. The television audience at the time of the PBS special won't have quite that same problem, as we'll be seeing everything from various camera angles and shots, etc., rather than the entire stage all the time

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