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Concert - January 31 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada The Smith Center-Reynolds Hall 7:30 PM

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2 Set List, Reviews and Comments on Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:08 pm


01/31/2015 - 5th Concert of Awakening tour
Conductor: Peter Kiesewalter
Orchestra: Pickup

Las Vegas, Nevada The Smith Center Set List:
1.  Take Me There
2.  Made To Dream
3.  Memories
4.  Music Of The Night
5.  Orchestra: Instrumental From Carmen
6.  Vincent
7.  Your Love
8.  Je T'aime
Intermission (20 Minutes)
9.  Lovers
10. Ave Maria
11. With Or Without You
12. Orchestra: Nessun Dorma (Classical Rock Version)
13. My Immortal
14. Vocalise
15. Ombra Mei Fu
16. Think Of Me
17. Encore 1: The Lords Prayer
18. Encore 2: Blank Spaces (Taylor Swift cover)

A Jackie Tweet before the show: 

Comments from Twitter and Facebook members:
"From Darlene Rebollo by Instagram
Last minute Saturday night plans with the girls at work. Jackie still got it on! OMG her voice!"

"Dan Teter
Lihue, Hawaii
Jackie sang Taylor Swift's song Blank Spaces as an experiment at the end of tonight's concert. The audience loved it. She also sang Starry, starry night. What a blast!!!"

"Robin AroraýJackie Evancho
Jackie totally crushed Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" as part of her encore. It was soooo.. awesome!"

"Barbara Elizabeth Constantine
Las Vegas, Nevada
· 1 hr · North Las Vegas, NV, United States ·
Saw an awesome show with Jackie Evancho!!
What a voice she has for so young a girl, wow!!"

@jackieevancho awesome job with blank spaces!! Keep trying new things. Great show!!"

"Doug Hall @dqhall1
@jackieevancho What a great performance Jackie here in Las Vegas. Especially love your rendition of Taylor Swifts Blank Space."

"Jessica Lin @Jes_uh_ca
@jackieevancho you were absolutely amazing! You should sing pop songs too, you sang blank space better than Taylor!"

"Captain Steve @CaptainSteve20
Of the @jackieevancho concert, I think there must be choirs of angels in heaven who are feeling completely inadequate tonight! Fabulous!"

"Len Rausch @navvet1092
@jackieevancho We just left the concert & u were spectacular! And what an awesome surprise u gave us! Move over Taylor!! Jackie's here!"


From trace over on Proboards:
"Wow! A bit of history here. Jackie said she intends to keep her CC roots but will venture out into the wild world of Pop on occasion. She absolutely killed a Taylor Swift number as her last encore last evening. Her command of the stage, movements and serious get down Pop vocal was absolutely outstanding. I may be an old fogy but I understand where she is coming from and really see what we're in for in the near future. Not to worry, her base will always be there but with her ability to sing pop, why not?
Jackie and family,... when you guys look at the first several rows from the back stage, you're not looking at a bunch of old folks, you're looking at a bunch of "age challenged" kids your daughter is assisting back into their childhood when music made up a ton of our time.
And yes, fans when Jackie said " pleas feel free to get up and dance,..and I really mean it" WE DID!!!
My Jackie, Chuck and Paula got up and really cut the rug. A bit clumsy yes but I think she got a kick out of it. At least her very muchly appreciated smiles said so.
This was the single best Jackie concert I've ever been to. The quality will always be there but we're now seeing a true super star show what she's got in a variety of ways!!
This was our youngest son's first Jackie concert. He's a stanch rocker of 40! But, at intermission he said " Ok, Ok, Ok, I get it. What the ----!!! She is totally not what I expected."Totally blew him away.
The fan gathering was supreme!! Many thanks to our fearless leader Gary (gmoney) and Frank for offering up another classic!!!!
Again Jackie,.. the old faces you see down front are being made young again by your talents and example to our grand kids!!
Via Las Vegas, Viva Jackie!!!!!
Trace & Jackie"

From miketigfan over on Proboards:
Trace, I guess your son cannot now dismiss his parents as odd eccentrics. Another one down, a few million more to go.

Jackie set another higher standard for herself last night, kicked it up another notch. She's now such a powerful performer on stage, her presence just as precocious as her voice has been. It was like watching someone who has decades of experience, not just a few years.

Rythmic clapping at a Jackie concert? No, really. We started doing that during WOWY. Mid song it died down a bit. Then, Jackie started a clapping motion to get us going again. Of course that worked. She ruled over us. More clapping during Blank Space. I'd never seen this before. For some time now, beginning with the last tour, Jackie has tried to create a more personal rapport with the audience. It's all coming together now."

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