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Concert - March 22 2015 Jacksonville, Florida The Florida Theatre 7:00 PM

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The Florida Theatre is a 1900 seat venue.

Tickets go on sale September 6, 2014 at 10:00 PM

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Set List:
03/22/2015 - 9th Concert of Awakening tour
Conductor: Peter Kiesewalter
Orchestra: Pickup

Jacksonville, Florida - The Florida Theater Set List:
1.  Orchestra: Cavalleria Rusticana
2.  Take Me There
3.  Made To Dream
4.  Memories
5.  The Music Of The Night
6.  Orchestra: A Track From Carmen
7.  The Impossible Dream
8.  Your Love
9.  Je T'aime
10. Once Upon A December
11. Lovers
12. Ave Maria (Vasilov)
13. With Or Without You
14. Orchestra: Nessun Dorma
15. My Immortal (She played and sang the first few verses on piano)
16. Vocalise
17. Ombra Mai Fu
18. Think Of Me
19. Encore 1: Somewhere
20. Encore 2: The Lords Prayer

Audience Reviews:

From jackieonlyfan:

  • the day was overcast all day, but at 5:00 as we began to leave the fan gathering for the concert, the sun came out, with blue sky..  after the concert, it was overcast with a little drizzle again..  I'm not making this stuff up – miss Jackie Evancho, bringing her own weather system of sunshine and warmth, strikes again..
  • Jackie entered from rear of the stage to start the evening..  thereafter, she exited to and entered from our left..
  • Jackie wore her beautiful blue AGT dress for the 1st set..  and her most elegant red dress, with some floral design at the top..
  • all along, I've known that Jackie has been starting her Awakening concerts with Take Me There and Made To Dream, but tonight it dawned on me that not only are these the two original songs included in her concert, but that her two original songs start her concert..  no doubt, the day will come that this series of originals to start her concerts will get longer and longer until they encompass the whole concert..  maybe with the exception of The Lord's Prayer..?
  • by her 3rd song, Memories, Jackie was really into the evening..  lots of emphatic gestures..
  • Music of The Night got a good clap from the audience as she started to sing..  seems it will continue to be a fan favourite..  and for good reason..  she was very impressive and got a well deserved SO..
  • as Jackie walked off the stage, Peter assured us that Jackie would be back, getting a chuckle from the audience..
  • upon entering the stage again, after Peter finished Carmen, Jackie encouraged us to give another clap for Peter and his original arrangement..
  • Your Love makes her dad cry..  and not that she likes to make her dad cry, but it's nice to know that she can have that effect on him..  on all of us too, miss Jackie..
  • explaining that Je t'aime means I love you, Jackie assured us that she loves us and dedicated the song to her fans, because without her fans she wouldn't be on this Florida theatre stage..
  • Once Upon a December was just Jackie and Peter..  she told the audience that she hasn't recorded it, singing it in concert only..  and my notes say only the twice, in Atlanta and Greenville in Feb..  and clearly she is rounding into form with this beautiful number..  a most impressive rendition with lots of hand and arm gestures and emotion..  well done Jackie..
  • omigosh, I almost missed the start of Lovers..  I had to run down the aisle and across to my seat (ducking down as I went), while the music had just started, and thankfully Jackie had not entered the stage..  so embarrassed..  my excuse? - I was reliving my M&G during intermission and lost track..  as usual, Jackie just blows people away with this song..  her finish just springs people out of their seats, and it was no different for us tonight..  SO..
  • Ave Maria..  Dave kind of already said it..  I've said it multiple times..  Jackie singing this Ave Maria..? - just too beautiful..  too beautiful..  way too beautiful..  unbelievably too beautiful..  beyond words beautiful..  too beautiful for this world..  for our ears and eyes..  I find myself saythinking this and versions of this mantra throughout the song..  and the song goes on and on..  and she had her hands and arms caressing and cradling each note before releasing to soar..  just beyond way too unbelievably beautiful..
  • Jackie sort of apologized for singing a couple of sad songs that might have made us cry, but With or Without You would be more up beat..  invited us to dance, so she wouldn't be alone dancing badly – and by the way, she doesn't dance badly at all, she dances good, she's got rhythm..  I'd like to help her out by dancing, but my wife or one of my daughters would have to come, and that's not likely – unless maybe Jackie comes to Ottawa – hint hint – get Peter to bring her home..
  • introducing Nessun Dorma, Peter said that he had actually played the Florida Theatre with his previous band 7 or 8 years ago..  maybe that had something to do with this scheduled concert..?  again, he noted how impressed he was with Aretha Franklin singing it and making it her own, even without operatic training..  it still makes me wonder if he has ever heard Jackie's version..
  • for My Immortal, Jackie said she was still working on playing the piano, for us, but still only does half a song in concert..  one could see Peter standing behind, nodding approval throughout Jackie's piano playing..  with this piano only song providing them a break, one could see the orchestra members fondly gazing in Jackie's direction as she played piano then finished singing – their smiles told all how impressed they were by this dynamo of a talent..
  • for Vocalise there was this intense light shinning from behind Jackie overhead..  it bathed her and the stage in a soft orange red glow..  throughout the song, I was able to create a vision of Jackie, clearly in focus, while all around her was faded and at times hidden within this orange red fog glow..  it was very mystical and spiritual – I thank “Adam the light guy” for his help in creating the effect, but of course, mostly Jackie..
  • with Ombra Mai Fu, we were again encouraged to think of a tree from our childhood, or that we saw walking to the concert, or flying in (yay! – a shoutout to her traveling fans!) to the concert..  and if our minds were blank, then there would be some trees on the screen behind for us to look at..  she has good timing with that humor – gets a good audience laugh..  I pretended Jackie was a tree ..  OMF is kind of like the bellweather song – and she nailed it – her notes soared to the rafters – the concert was therefore a huge success..
  • thanking the orchestra, the amazing Peter, Paul her sound guy, Adam the light guy, and her audience (she said she had a great time, was thankful we came, because it would be kind of pointless to sing with no-one here - ), she introduced her final song Think Of Me from Phantom of The Opera..  with love and ease, she gracefully carried us through to the dramatic ending – nailed again! - and we bounded out of our seats to celebrate this greatest of wonders..
  • Jackie and Peter breezed off stage..  but the din from the crowd was deafening..  it was a very appreciative crowd..  Jackie soon came back to announce she would do 2 encores..
  • Somewhere, again without Barbara..  she said it's shorter when only one person sings it..  my notes tell me that she's only sang it the one time recently – in Greenville in Feb..  most impressive..
  • and of course, Jackie rounded out the evening with The Lord's Prayer in the way that only she can deliver..  a final well deserved SO, and it was over..  oh drat .. but great memories of the best there is – miss Jackie Evancho .."


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