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Surprise Visit By Lisa Evancho

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1 Surprise Visit By Lisa Evancho on Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:22 am


Lisa Evancho showed up on the Amazon Customer Discussion forum yesterday for a couple of hours and posted replies to participants questions. She gave us a few tidbits of new information and quieted the fears of that some had regarding Jackie's voice.
In an answer to a question about the new CD, she said that recording has been delayed due to the busy concert schedule and would start at the beginning of the new year, and, there may be a PBS special associated with the CD.
She also answered the question "Was she concerned with the "Head Tilt"? "No" was the reply.
About the secrecy of the Bali gig, she replied that "Private's should be PRIVATE".
She bantered back and forth with a few posts and seemed to be enjoying the experience.

As I understand it, this was Lisa's first foray into any forum for at least a year and a half.
If this is an indication of a new direction the Evancho's are taking regards fan interaction, then, IMHO, it is way past due and I look forward to future encounters.
I hope this was not just a one-time thing, and that she makes it a frequent occurrence.

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