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1The Friend-club of Jackie Evancho Empty The Friend-club of Jackie Evancho on Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:09 am

Igor Katanugin

Igor Katanugin
[size=32]The Friend-club of Jackie Evancho – some thoughts from my Letters to Andreas D., a devotee of Jackie’s Art[/size]
     A brief introduction
 Dear Friends, Estimable Devotees of the Art of Our Beloved Jackie Evancho! A few time ago one thought has occurred upon me – an idea about a Friend-club of Jackie Evancho! A FRIEND-CLUB – from the precious for me word FRIEND!!! So recently I have shared this my sweet pink dream with my dear friend from Germany Andreas D. (I myself live in Russia, my name is Igor Katanugin, my email box is igorkatanugin[a]
More of this – I felt I would like to share these thoughts of mine with some more wide circle of the devotees of our dear Jackie’s Art. And so it occurred upon me to use these my Letters to Andreas – or some excerpts from them – to compose this humble script addressed to all of you, my dear colleagues in our common love of the Art! These Letters do not contain something secret, so they can perfectly serve this my purpose to address some more wide audience!
Please read them – if you like, if you please – because truly these Letters/excerpts are now OPEN for all who love deeply sincerely a high encouraging Art especially the healing inspiring Art of our dear Jackie!
My best wishes! Igor K., Russia. The 6 of September, 2014.

Your Presents and the Path of Jackie
(my Letter to Andreas D. – now an OPEN Letter – the 14 of August, 2014)

Hello, Andreas! There is much I would like to say to you; nevertheless the very form of the communication by Letters takes rather much time, I would say; and if you add some urgent tasks we have to do at our homes, at our job (and the natural desire to walk, to bathe in the river in summer) it results that it is rather difficult to express all I wish to write, to say to you now! I write it in order to  somehow explain just WHY sometimes I delay with answering some of your questions or exposing my viewpoint, my thoughts on the topics we discuss.

Nevertheless it is all very interesting and worthy of communication so I think we should TRY always! By the way, I like to use my ancient Letters, including my  Letters directed to OTHER persons (obviously if they do not contain something secret, serving  exclusively to one person) – in order TO SAVE TIME and not to write something that I have written already in some other occasion to any other person!

For example I have sent to you some time ago my own Letters to the very Jackie Evancho and her family (two or three Letters) where I write a lot about myself, my life, my biography – including my INNER biography, my inner spiritual quest, my PERCEPTION of the Art and the figure of Jackie! More of this, as you know, I have published on some sites and forums of Jackie many of my Letters – once again regarding these questions, these themes of the very nature and phenomenon of such a wonderful Singer as our dear Jackie! At last, there is my Ballad which I  sent to the site when I have seen just how sharp, how heavy and unjust is the criticism of Jackie from the part of the “opera purists” (who in reality simply bear in their hearts the ungodly, unchristian ENVY toward Jackie – envy camouflaged by all this vainglorious rhetoric!). And from the other part we see a very little interest from the part of the young people used to hear modern unharmonious rhythms!

So why do I write this now? – Well by the Grace of God – as I say in my heart – I have expressed in all these my scripts a lot – a lot of myself, of my heart, of my mind! So simply it is really hard for me to add something I haven’t said earlier!

And – as you yourself can clearly see – often my viewpoint is distinctly DIFFERENT from what we can read on the Jackie’s sites and forums! And – as you can also see if you will – my viewpoint is different also from the viewpoint of the mainstream Christian religions including the catholic, the protestant and our – the orthodox religion! When you   read carefully my scripts, including my Ballad to Jackie, surely you can notice these differences!

And this is a very subtle, very delicate point – just HOW to react when some other person expresses ideas different from ones accepted by you or by your preferred church or your family circle and surroundings?! Surely I would prefer if you would ALLOW me to have my own, even very specific and different viewpoints!!! If so - it would justify completely this my long explanations and all my former scripts!

Yes, all the authors of the posts you forward to me – including and ESPECIALLY of those two MAGNIFICENT Letters you sent to me some months ago (scripts from the blog describing two Concerts of Jackie Evancho)– all they are absolutely right describing something special, unique, something wonderful surrounding Jackie! So what I tried to express was  my own understanding just WHAT it is, what it is that sweetly captures  our hearts! And I have written in EVERY of my scripts including the Ballad that according to my current understanding Jackie simply FOLLOWS CHRIST, and  - once again according to my understanding – to follow Christ is in reality to dare TO BECOME CHRIST which is to become THE OPEN DOOR for the Light from above! Yes, in simple words it can be expressed so – to become the Open Door…

What is the difference from the viewpoint of the mainstream Christian religions? – Well, they simply do not consider this possibility  to become Christ, more of this – they would consider it as a blasphemy even to think so! But for me it is as simple and beautiful as children playing in a sandbox!!! Jesus is called the Christ because he has become the Open Door, but this is NOT an exclusion – this is a real possibility for all, this is an  example for all to follow! An EXAMPLE – NOT an exclusion!  And it occurs NOT at once but as some GRADUAL process, with many stages – I mean the process of becoming the Open Door for the Light – becoming a Christed being in other words!

So this is precisely what our beloved Jackie is doing – according to my understanding – she walks this Path  - this gradual long Path of becoming a Christed being, the Open Door, the Path of becoming ONE with the source of herself, with  the Universal Christ Mind and through it – with the Father, with the Creator of our Universe, our world of form!

For me all this is very simple and beautiful at the time! Yes, very simple and beautiful! And THIS is my way to look at Jackie – and to every human being in the sense of his/her spiritual POTENTIAL in Life! Being Jackie an example of a human being trying to REALIZE this potential as fully as possible! Surely she herself may NOT have the slightest idea about all this – really it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter just how she or someone else call it – salvation (Christians), awakening (Buddhists) or somehow else – it does not matter! She WALKS this way, she SETS AN EXAMPLE for others – this is the Beauty, this is the Great real wonderful thing she does!  (…)

The song “The Rains of  Castamere” is really splendid!!! And the quality of the recording is good for me!! So I thank you very much, dear Andreas!!! Yes, she was a little – by ages – a little Lady of the Flame – the wonderful spiritual Flame of God, and she becomes now even more mature – in all senses of this word – Lady of the Flame… As it was at the King Arthur’ Court in ancient Britain, as it was in the ranks of the ancient Knights of the Temple… As it was and IS and ever will be everywere when any beings created by the Creator awaken to their true spiritual destiny to become CO-CREATORS with Him, to grow in consciousness toward the level of the Universal Christ Mind which is the only begotten Son of the Father. Yes, they awaken….  THE AWAKENING – not in vain the Album is called so!

“The Golden Russian” cards (Andreas has sent them to me by my petition) are splendid, are wonderful indeed! Once again I thank you very much, dear Andreas! There are even three figures of THE WHITE SWANS feeding their nestlings! And the inscription: “It feeds (the baby-swans) making all sacrifices for this task!” (I render the common sense of the inscription) What a Beauty! I never have heard about these Swan-cards!!!

“The Romanow” cards surely are very good as MEMORIAL cards, as a precious memory of the gone dynasty of the Romanow! And it IN ITSELF justifies completely all your efforts, dear Andreas, to send them to me! And I thank you very much for these cards also! Having said this, I would add that as it refers to the very play, as to me – I think that my attention would be attracted too much to the very historical personalities depicted on these cards! So in THIS sense it is not so appropriate for the playing cards – as it seems to me! But please remember what I have said now about their high value as a MEMORY about the Tsars (Kings) many of which are very dear for me! And it is quite possible to play with them also! (This is another theme. I have written already that I myself compose, create what I call Family Cards Games – especially to play at one’s home, in a precious loving atmosphere of the Family Love, where the adults – parents, grandparents play together with their children and guests of the house!  

So I wish you,  dear Andreas, precisely such precious atmosphere of Love in your family, good health for you and your loved ones!  Igor, Russia.

An Excerpt from my Letter to Andreas D. , September the 3, 2014 (OPEN lines now).
As I have written to you, now I am working at my book titled “I am a tutor” – I write its short chapters directly at the notebook! Here are some of the Chapters:
“The Game and The Children” (my personal experiences of the vast field of the children’s and family’ games, psychology of the game and its impact upon the children and the very psychological atmosphere in a family. Here I give also the rules of the games which I myself have composed for the purpose to play in families – children together with their parents and grandparents!
“A Man And The Children” (I mean here precisely an adult man of male sex). Here I expose my personal path, way, experiences as a tutor, teacher, and simply a human being speaking, playing with the children! Do you know, Andreas? – Truly there are a lot of problems in all that relates to children, school, and one of these problems is the situation where there are practically NO teachers of male sex at our schools, and more of this – this fact is considered as quite normal! There is much suspicion around the very figure of a male-teacher at schools! The people tends to think that a “NORMAL” man of male sex is the one who DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION at the children maybe except his own biological children (and even with them shares very little time!). So if one adult man of male sex is eager to speak, to play with children, this very fact originates big suspicion as something abnormal!
So I write down at this chapter my thoughts and experiences about this topic related so closely to my own life, job and my very heart!
“The Friend-club and the Children”.  In this chapter I release my pink dream to create A FRIEND-CLUB of Jackie Evancho!!! Yes, a Friend-club – not a fan-club! Just look! What a beautiful meaningful word – FRIEND, FRIEND-CLUB! And by the way – a very short-spelled word, easy to speak! I dream about  the people of good will being united around something truly noble, beautiful, constructive; so my heart sings of joy when I ponder about the Wonderful Beautiful Image and Figure of Jackie as a Living Banner, a Living Symbol for such a cause of  friendly enlightened communication!!!
Isn’t it beautiful, Andreas?
So by the moment I finish the Letter. I think I’ll go to the very post-office to ask about the disc sent by you.
Once again I thank you very much! My best wishes! Igor.  
PS. Have you seen the movie “UNDER SUSPICION” with Monica Belluchi as leading feminine part (pitifully I do not remember other actors)? – For my sight it is one of the greatest  movies! And it relates DIRECTLY to my situation with the children, my very job as a tutor!
A very powerful, shaking film!
But please see it when you have sufficient free time, when nothing interferes with your attention, and see  all the film in its entirety - from the beginning up to the end!! If you want to truly get acquainted with me – just look this movie – “Under suspicion”! It is the film about MYSELF – though I am not a rich man in respect to money as the hero of this strongest shaking  film!
September the 5, 2014, 11:50
[size=32]They are Romeo and Juliet who are Lovers![/size]
(an open Letter now)
Hello, Andreas! Yes, as you advise me to write without introductions and briefly as it is possible, so I say to you now. Indeed, I have read and studied well – deep within my heart 19 pieces of the Great Shakespeare, the great works of Jack London such as “Martin Eden” (they – Shakespeare and Jack London are my most loved writers!). Though I am not married, all my life I truly tried to feel and to absorb, to internalize myself just what it is the precious “something” which is called LOVE by the people (though I would not say that everyone saying “love” says it with true reason!).
So  now I would like to say that for me – for ME I emphasize – lover and fan are still different words and concepts! So as I have titled this Letter – for me they are Romeo and Juliet from the immortal piece of Shakespeare – they are LOVERS! If you allow me to go on these thoughts, I would add that for me the words love and friendship – if they are TRUE love and true friendship – these are very close concepts in terms of the spiritual sense! In other words, both Love and Friendship are the fulfillment of the Covenants of the Christ to love each other as He loves us!
I dare to say even further. For me the true inner sense of both Love and Friendship is the perception of each other as BROTHERS AND SISTERS in Christ! And I don’t mean this in the sense of the current state of consciousness of some person (which may vary very wide!) but in the sense of the deep Inner Nature and the true spiritual Origin of every human being as a creation, an extension of the Creator, as a co-creator with Him!
So truly I mean Brothers-and Sisters-Club when I say a Friend-club; it is FOR SHORT that I say the friend-club! And – please pay attention – I make NO exceptions when I say this title; so I see at Jackie – in our case – as truly at MY SISTER in Christ! So HOW would it be possible to use the word “fan” – FANATICUS – in Italian – to express this perception of THE BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD IN CHRIST? – For me, at least, it would be unthinkable!
Yes, Andreas – precisely SO I got used to see practically at everyone – both on earth as in heaven! Yes, and in Heavens too!!! All are brothers and sisters in Christ – both on earth as in Heaven! It is this way as I see at my pupils – including girls of 10 – 14 years – as the very Jackie is now! So if it were the very Jackie before me – verily, verily I say unto you – I would speak with her precisely so free, on the base of the deep inner EQUALITY – as I speak with EVERY ONE of my girls-disciples!
There would be NOT THE SLIGHTEST remnants of the “stardom” or “fan-celebrity” relationships (as they write on the forums of Jackie), if sometimes I would be privileged to see and speak with Jackie in person!
Yes, I acknowledge – in my Ballad there are lines which seem to be – how could I express it? – which seem to have distinct elements of adoration… Yes, and I am very far from denying it!
But do you see? – It was that in reality I was, I perceived myself – and Jackie – I saw us in Heavens already – obviously in consciousness! – when I was writing those fervent lines of Love. So it is a slightly different situation – or it seems so to me.
Indeed – it seems I begin to repeat – to repeat over and over again – what I have written already both in my Ballad and other scripts! WHAT ONE HAS DONE, ALL CAN DO!!! Precisely so I have put in the Ballad meaning that Jackie is setting AN EXAMPLE for all to follow – meaning a brightest wonderful example of how TO GROW – to grow in consciousness first and foremost! This is what I admonished all to do – if one truly pretends TO FOLLOW Jackie! To follow is to grow WITH! To grow with her in this case! To grow WITH Jesus in case of a true follower of Jesus, and so on. And the incredible inner Beauty of all this is for me that it is in essence THE SAME – to follow Jackie, to follow Jesus, to follow every true example of the consciousness of the Universal Christ! (This example may still have some imperfections – no matter! – because it is practically impossible to embody on earth and be completely free from some illusions. So we simply forgive it!) (…)
As to the film I have mentioned (“Under Suspicion”) – well, indeed – I too very seldom see films with so much speaking! More of this – very seldom I see movies which are heavy, describing heavy tragic events! Indeed commonly I don’t like such movies! But there are exceptions also! For example I have seen fifteen (!) times the “TITANIC” of James Cameron (in its entirety!) so I can appreciate fully how GREAT is the performance by Jackie of the song from this film!
Why did I say that it is the film about me (in psychological and social sense of course)? – Well, it is very simple to explain. I LOOK AT LITTLE GIRLS JUST AS THE HERO OF THE FILM DOES! The case is that he loved the little girls – meaning of 9 – 12 years old! He was always happy to speak with them, and they loved him too! He used to make a lot of truly beautiful photos of little girls! He used to accumulate money only in order to help to the children! In essence he loved both the girls and boys as the VERY JESUS has admonished us to love them! But the film shows just HOW the society does perceive such a man who follows Christ in this respect.
And when an horrible crime has occurred – a crime just against a little girl – it was precisely HIM who was put UNDER SUSPICION! And it is precisely what I myself have felt MANY TIMES in my own life! (By the Grace of God there was no such crimes here, nevertheless I was and am under suspicion just because my very love of children including little girls!)
Please don’t think I have described the film already! Not at all! The fullness of the movie only can absorb the one who sees, who watches it with full attention, seeing with the eyes of the heart as they say!
So I must relax now, maybe sleep a bit. Then I shall watch the video you have attached, and I hope our communication goes on! My best wishes! Igor
September the 6, 2014, 11:56
I acknowledge every one’s right to his/her own quest!
(an OPEN Letter now)
 (So I consider these brief lines as a continuation of my former Letter from the 5 of September.) Yes, surely, I acknowledge fully one’s own right to make, to pursue one’s  own quest – be it in the art, spirituality, politics or something else! So I would beg you, I would ask you to perceive such way all I express in my Letters!
Because WHY do I dare to express myself? – Well, I do it hoping on the two things:
 The First- I hope both you and me silently know and aknowledge what I have just said meaning one’s right – God-given right -  to his/her own inner spiritual quest!
The second – I hope both you and me are interested of hearing each other’s viewpoint! Isn’t it logical to suppose?
So no one should perceive other part’s expressions as some threat to one’s own viewpoint! Are you agree?
So please receive my Letters in this framework of mind – as a friendly discussion and interchange of opinions where everyone has no fear to express him/herself freely!
Yes, indeed every one has his/her own life story (and love story by the way) therefore each person may come to some different viewpoints and one’s own conclusions and state of mind! And as to me, I think  this is the true, the real CHALLENGE of the people’s mutual communication – just WHAT to do, HOW to react when the people see that their views differ at some topics?!
Yes, I mean it is the challenge of life itself – the challenge specifically before the people who maybe are more advanced in the spiritual sense so they are more capable, more ready, more willing to hear, to understand each other than average persons who tend to react in the negative, to take offense and so on…
So I think it is applied fully to all the people calling themselves devotees of the Art – be it the Art of Jackie Evancho or some other true musician or performing artist!
More of this – I think that the words – the words in themselves – they do NOT always convey the true psychological qualities and vibration of the people speaking these words! So often it is reasonable not to fix, not to glue too much at the very words but to try to understand their underlying sense and vibration!
For example, I am quite ready to communicate with the people calling themselves fans of one or another artist! – Yes, I’m ready and willing to this friendly communication though I myself never in my life have used these words – fan, fanaticus (Italian), fan-clubs! But I would like to be allowed to express myself too! Because otherwise what would be the point for me to maintain such a communication?!
All my life – both the years of my childhood and youth while the Soviet Union (by the way there was the WONDERFUL, BRILLIANT Art and Culture during the Soviet Union – movies, songs, music, paintings, etcetera!!!) and after that period – when I started to discover some spiritual teachings and terminology – all my life I have never even heard these words – fan, fan-club, celebrity…  Love, friend, friendship, mutual help and mutual understanding,  self-sacrifice, oneness in love and purpose – yes, these concepts I’ve got used to hear and to express – both in the Soviet Union’ art and epoch and later in the Gospel and other spiritual sources!
But as to the word and concept of the fan, fan-club – forgive me please – and I address now NOT ONLY to you, dear Andreas, but also to ALL OTHER people – members of fan-clubs or simply calling themselves fans – simply I never used these words – never in my life, never in the Soviet Union’ Art and epoch (which as I have said has had still much LIGHT – even much spiritual Light I would say!), never in my spiritual quest (including Christian and Buddhist and Hindu sources and traditions)! – Nor do I see any necessity to use these words now – when I fell in love with the Art of Jackie Evancho!!!
(I must rest and sleep a little, but a pair of words more…) Yes, dear friend – and friends! – As many of my peers and compatriots, I feel, I perceive myself as an heir, an inheritor of various cultural layers – of the Soviet Union (I know in the West the people even do not imagine that there could be something wonderful there but IT WAS, and IS – in our grateful hearts and memories!), of the Ancient Russia (this is the ocean of sorrow but also an entire Ocean of Light, and I love it, we love it with all our hearts!)… I see myself as an inheritor of the entire World’s Culture and civilization – from the Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, and so on, until the even more Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria (which I perceive as my real ancient Home-land – along with my actual Home-land Russia!)!
But WHY do I spare no words speaking about questions of terminology? Maybe it is because “in the beginning there was a Word”… A word…
So this is mine investigation in this respect. A friend, brother, sister, love, friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, self-sacrifice, mutual help, forgiveness and understanding, oneness in love and purpose, inner quest – eternal spiritual quest and growth – these are my familiar, my dear words which are in the beginning! These are words and dear expressions of my inner world, my spiritual inheritance and civilization! And there is no such word as “a fan” there. Simply there is not!
Well, it seems it is enough for this Letter. Thank you for your friendly attention! Igor Katanugin, Russia, seeing myself as a friend of Jackie Evancho, and her loving brother in Christ, in the Light of God that never fails!

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2The Friend-club of Jackie Evancho Empty HAPPY NEW YEAR! on Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:35 pm

Igor Katanugin

Igor Katanugin
Dear Friends! Happy New Year! So today is the first day of the new 2015 year! Sincerely, my best wishes on this great occasion! May this coming year bring more Peace on this planet at large and in every family and at every heart! More Peace, Harmony and Joy! And may we all enjoy the true joyous uplifting encouraging Art and share these precious experiences!

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