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The Evancho's Financial Situation

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1The Evancho's Financial Situation Empty The Evancho's Financial Situation on Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:45 pm


In response to a bunch of posts over at Amazon, I just posted this;

"I know that once entertainers become so visible that walking down any street in the world is not in their best interest and their lives are lived in glass houses, the public has access, through the web, to a vast amount of information to keep them sated. But their true wealth is a secret, as it should be. Jackie is only 13 and I doubt seriously that she has a clue about the complex issues surrounding her new found wealth. The parents are managing her money, not her, and at this stage in her career, she has yet to achieve diva status where her every movement is stalked by paparazzi. Until that moment arrives and everything about her is open for public scrutiny, her financial situation, the way she lives her private life and her most private and intimate thoughts are nobodies business but hers. We have no need to know how much money is in the bank/banks to dedicate ourselves to her career, no matter where that takes us. We have figures at our disposal that tells us what her fees are, what the take was at a particular venue, what her estimated expenses are, what her estimated living expenses are. Do we need anything more? IMO. NO"

This is called a fan-moderated forum, but, IMO, at this stage of Jackie's career, there are certain private topics that should not be discussed. Personal wealth is one of them.

2The Evancho's Financial Situation Empty Re: The Evancho's Financial Situation on Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:54 pm



I could not agree with you more.  Frankly any site like this should strictly curb all discussions concerning women, religion, and politics.  Those three are very provocative. Simply no good will come from the outcome.

With regards to the Evancho's financial status; it is private information both now and in the future, having access to that type of info serves no useful purpose and frankly I believe it is just plain rude to stick ones nose into their private affairs.

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