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Concert - January 3 2014 Miami, Florida Adrienne Arsht Center 8:00 PM

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Miami set list:
Conductor: John Mario Di Costanza
Orchestra: Craig Turley Orchestra

1. Orchestra: Cavalleria Rusticana
2. When You Wish Upon A Star
3. Some Enchanted Evening
4. Ombra Mai Fu
5. Orchestra: Medley: Pirates Of The Caribbean
6. What A Wonderful World
7. Angel
8. The Lord's Prayer
9. Lovers
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. Imaginer
12. Orchestra: John Mario on Piano-Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
14. The Impossible Dream
15. Encore: Music Of The Night

This from jackieandbuffyfan over at Proboards:

Set List

1st set
When You Wish Upon A Star
Some Enchanted Evening
Ombra Mai Fu
What A Wonderful World
The Lord's Prayer
2nd set
My Heart Will Go On
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
The Impossible Dream
Music Of The Night

Song Thoughts

  • familiar comfortable start to concert with When You Wish Upon A Star..
  • could hardly believe it when we started to hear Some Enchanted Evening – what a treat – I have repeatedly posted of the importance of this song as I see it symbolizing the enchanted evening when Jackie's family saw Phantom of the Opera and Jackie discovered her true love – singing..  partial standing O..
  • Jackie again urged us to think of our favourite tree or a tree we saw today as her intro to Ombra Mai Fu..   standings O..
  • another special new song for this tour – What A Wonderful World – during which the stage drapery walls and Jackie were awash in deep royal blue light from the overhead stage lighting..
  • oh my – thank you Jackie – another new tour song offering – Angel – for me very special as it was the first song that I listened to over and over and over again at times, nearly 2 years ago, not really knowing the meaning to the lyrics, so instead thinking of the ability of this angel's singing to help cure a person's ills..
  • Jackie offered The Lord's Prayer as a great song that she frequently uses to end her 1st set.. Jackie got her power going, ending with standing O..
  • Jackie got audience gasps as she entered in her black sequined dress to sing Lovers..  standing O..
  • Jackie dedicated My Heart Will Go On to all her fans whom she loves very much and very respectfully gave attention to lead violinist at start of song..
  • Jackie advised us that the next song was in French, then sang Imaginer, while bathed in lovely green overhead lighting – the greenish goldish softening hue was my personal favourite as it seemed to really highlight her lovely facial features..  standing O..
  • and the new tour songs kept coming..   with memories of wowing them at the Capitol Fourth, Jackie sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight with an exquisite mix of rich red, deep blue, and goldish green lighting..
  • Jackie gratefully acknowledged her wonderful maestro John Mario and the evening's orchestra..  then, dedicating her final set song to her mom without whom she felt she would not be where she is today, she sang The Impossible Dream..   standing O..
  • acknowledging the standing O and calls for encore with an “I love you guys”, Jackie treated us to her encore of Music Of The Night and exited the stage to another Standing O..
  • Jackie ventured back on stage for a final curtain call – lots of waves, smiles and curtsies..   bravo..!

During Concert

Jackie enters stage as a seeming little wisp of a girl – I am always, at least initially, just a bit taken aback by her seemingly diminutive stature..  her 1st set silky blue dress adds to that image..   her fingers and gestures are so delicate..  but as the concert unfolds (helped too by the fullness of her 2nd set dress) and we are surrounded and embraced by her powerful vocals, Jackie becomes such a commanding presence..

Some Enchanted Evening – I am not alone when I say we love her all the more for her lovely rendition of this song – a truly unflappable pro..

I'd clap robustly after each song, holding my hands in clap position as she introduced her next song and/or the music for that song started, and part way through I'd always find my hands still in that clap position, which had at that time a prayerful look and feel to it..  it felt comfortable and appropriate – a respectful and thankful position..

I would often catch myself in mid song having not moved any part of my body except for eyes..  I discovered that tilting my head (even ever so slightly) always brought a refocus of Jackie and a new perspective..  I began to use it extensively – in a way it became somewhat of a solution to that difficulty that has always vexed me about not being able to expand my senses – open my eyes wider to “see” more, strain my ears to “hear” more, clasp my hands to “feel” more..

as that 2nd set unfolded, I found myself talking quietly to myself and sort of urging Jackie to unleash that amazing talent of hers..  "you go girl" I'd say – give us a blast of amazing to knock us clear off our feet – some part of me senses that she has lots of extra levels that she can take it to – she has to ratchet it back a bit to protect our sanity - ..   I say to her – go for it Jackie – I'm ready – hit me with every cylinder – so that I'll never ever recover – and so these people in the audience will NEVER recover..   you deserve it Jackie – to be known and appreciated as the very best..

why the 4 new songs..? - I don't think she had to offer these extras given that this concert tour is seemingly so close to wrapping up, but she did and I offer so much thanks to her – a wonderful gesture to her fans..  it is likely that most of the audience had no idea how special it was..

for the record there were no little children invited on stage and Jackie was resplendent in her two beautiful dresses that she has worn on tour since Worcester - the silky light blue dress for the 1st set followed by black sequined dress in the 2nd set..

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